Basic Steps to Follow While Working with EDDM print

So, this isn’t the first time you have planned for EDDM services. Now, you are planning to work on EDDM mailing on your own. If you are planning to join the EDD program, there are certain steps to follow. Once you have those by your side, things will easily work your way. For the first step, you are always invited to download any pre-designed templates and include that in the EDDM postcards of your choice. These postcards are available in multiple sizes to make the task easier for you to select. It is an important and basic step followed by many looking for EDDM print practice.

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Next steps to take:

Another major thing over here to remember is the EDDM indicia. It is mandatory to download this program from the USPS site only and be added right on the postcard’s front side. The indicia need free space of a few inches minimum and should be posted at the right corner of the postcard and mainly at the upper right side. It should not be covered with any design at all. It needs to be made visible. Even though you do not have to input the return address around here, it can still be added if you want to and on the upper left side or back of the postcard when asked for.

The secondary steps to focus at:

After choosing the right place for printing, the next is to place the order and ensure that the print materials are well bundled in a solid pack of 50. Here, the question arises with price in your mind. You can fill up the online form beforehand to get a quote. This quote is from experts working with EDDM printing methods; your prices will range within that slot. So, this quote is important for you to understand more about the cost and prepare accordingly.

For the packed items:

There are so many options waiting for you to try, depending on your budget and the choice you have in mind. You can always pay the print store a few extra bucks to provide you with EDDM-printed postcards in a bulk order. You must pay extra dollars to ensure print materials are within the lot. You don’t want to pay extra; you can work on this medium on your own and work on it before delivering print material to the post office.

After reaching the post office:

Once the EDDM postcards are delivered to the post office, the items will be sent door to door to the targeted households for a minimum price, even less than one dollar. This kind of service is not quite in need of use and payment of any registration fee, making the task perfect for you to consider. Once you have the right team waiting to help you with the print techniques, there is no need to look for a second option.

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