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6 Easy Steps to Selling Your Mortgage to American Equity Funding

Contrary to popular notion, a mortgage is not just about selling and buying homes. It could also involve transactions relating to commercial property and land, as well as residential real estate. Selling your mortgage to American equity funding is an easy and straightforward procedure between you and a purchasing firm. You can finish selling in 6 easy steps.

  1. Make the decision

You might have decided to sell for many reasons, including the need for urgent cash in hand. Others may sell to make money out of a property to acquire capital for alternative investment, or to become eligible for retirement benefits by managing assets.

  1. Decide whether you want a full or partial sale

You can sell a mortgage either entirely or in portions. A full sale entails liquidating your property and forfeiting your ownership rights in exchange for a one-time cash payout. A partial sale is preferable if you need capital but intend to retain some of the ongoing payment. In this case, you will receive a percentage of the payment, while the buying company will get the rest.



  1. Choose a suitable company

It might sound easy, but choosing a suitable company could be determine your success; it could determine the level of expertise that you will get, the time it will take and the amount of money you would receive.

  1. Get a quote

A quote will show you how the amount for the mortgage was arrived at. Your equity, credit score and payment history on the said property could determine the amount.

  1. Property evaluation

American equity funding will conduct a full evaluation to establish the current value of property. Depending on the situation, they will do that through a drive-by appraisal or a broker’s price opinion. They will also carry out a title search, which involves examining your property’s legal history, in terms of any restrictive legal statuses, such as easement rights, claims, unpaid taxes and liens.

  1. Close the Sale

Once everything is confirmed, the buying company will inform you of the mortgage sale and the method of payment. Final paperwork will be done at a title company. Once the all ownership papers are received, your money will be wired to your account.

Selling a mortgage may involve the sale of residential properties such as homes and condominiums, commercial properties such as industrial buildings and apartments, or various types of land. Ensure that you find the right company to buy your mortgage.

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