How Water Affect Blood Sugar Levels

For people with diabetes, maintaining optimum blood sugar levels is a major concern. Millions of deaths occur worldwide due to elevated blood sugar levels resulting from improper management of diabetes. Besides your diet, your water consumption patterns also have a considerable impact on your blood glucose levels. While consuming a good diet is crucial to diabetes management, something as simple as drinking adequate amounts of purified water can go a long way.

By managing your blood sugar levels effectively, you can lead a healthy life even if you have diabetes. On the other hand, elevated blood sugar levels can lead to dangerous medical conditions such as stroke, kidney failure, heart attack, retinal problems, etc. Hence it is crucial to understand the importance of purified water for diabetes management as water is vital for maintaining optimum Water helps the kidneys eliminate the excess sugar from the body, which is why it is essential to stay hydrated. However, the quality of water you drink also has an impact on your blood sugar levels. Given the increased levels of pollution in natural water resources, your tap water may contain many dissolved toxins, which increase the stress on your kidneys. Hence you must drink purified water so that your kidneys can flush out the sugar out of your system effectively.


It is known that tap water contains added chemicals such as chlorine, which is especially harmful to people with diabetes. The sugar in the body is broken down by insulin, which is produced by beta cells. When chlorine is ingested, it gets oxidized and forms an oxidizing agent called Alloxan. The Alloxan creates free radicals that cause damage to the beta cells, which produce insulin. The free radicals cause damage to such an extent that the RO water purifiers remove harmful pathogens, dissolved chemicals and give out pure water, which is perfectly safe for drinking. By drinking pure water, you can ensure that water helps your body recover rather than create further health problems. So make sure to drink plenty of purified water daily and manage your blood sugar levels successfully.

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