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5 Ways to Get that Old Car Out of Your Driveway

Cars aren’t forever; they have problems, need fixing, or are sometimes not fun anymore. It’s widespread these days for a family to have multiple cars. One for each parent, one shared by the kids, perhaps an extra pickup, or an extra minivan for the family trips. Whatever the reason, it’s not uncommon for one to stop getting used, and it’s even more common that those old what to do with a totaled car.

How to Get Rid of That Old Car on Your Driveway and Help Someone Along the Way

Sell it

That’s the obvious choice, of course, but it’s the first option you’ll want to consider, especially if you know you’ll never drive it again. Even if there’s something wrong with it, you could still get some cash. First, you’ll want to figure out if it is totaled and how you can sell it if it is. will help you figure that out, but they’re also a safe marketplace to sell damaged cars. You don’t have to go through Craigslist and worry about all the scammers.


If you have any local mechanics that would come out to look at it, they would be your best bet in selling it off the net. Mechanics love project cars, and even if it is totaled, they will want it if they see potential in it.

Scrap it

Another obvious option, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as you think. People are always worried they’re getting the worst price when they scrap it, but you can find ways to get the best price for your scraps. Any junkyard you bring it to will tell you that’s the best price you’ll get, but that’s just the best price at the time. If you wait it out, the cost of scrap metal by weight might go up, and you might be able to ask for a better price if you know what you’re talking about and strike the market at the right time. So, if you want, you can drag that car off today or find the best time to get the most money.

Fix it (By Yourself)

If the car is totaled, then obviously, you won’t want to drop the money to fix it if that’s going to be a losing investment. But you’ll want to know what exactly is wrong with the car. It could be one big thing or a bunch of little things, and the more you fix on your own, the more you could bring that car back from the brink of total. You might have a chipped windshield, or maybe it’s why you stopped driving in the first place, the brake pads, but even for these issues, there are a few ways to fix your car by yourself.

Make art with it.

It may sound like the weirdest idea of the bunch, but trust me; there’s a lot you can do with parts from an old car. The styles that went into the bodies and rims of older cars can make some of the best decorative pieces for your home. All that metal can be used for sculpture or repurposed into very modern-looking furniture pieces. There are many ways to transform that car from an eyesore in the front yard into DIY car art for your home.

You would be surprised how many people have used a car that can take a beating. If you’ve got a college or high school near you, many fraternities and sports teams do a fundraiser to bring in an old car and let people pay to beat on it with its bat. It’s fun, and you’ll be giving them a big asset for a fundraiser that already makes these groups meet their goals after buying it.

It’s also good for paintball. Many fields used for paintball need big objects to hide behind that can take a beating. A car is perfect for that, and they can move it too. If your kids or any kids you know love paintball, then adding your old car would be a great gift to them and their friends.

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