5 Ways to Prepare for a House Sitter

The holiday travel season is upon us, and between weather concerns, flight delays, and getting your stuff from point A to point B, it’s worth doing all you can to take any of your worries off your plate. By hiring a house sitter, you can rest assured that everything is safe and sound back home. Be sure to take the following measures to ensure your house sitter is fully prepared.

House Sitter

Store Valuables & Firearms

While packing for your trip may be your main priority, take some time to pack up your valuables and store them in a safe place. This includes any cash, jewelry, family heirlooms, or items you can’t part with; lock them all away in a hidden safe or another inconspicuous hiding spot.

If you have any firearms in your home, keep them locked in a gun safe. Keep any ammunition locked in the safe as well.


Provide a Passcode List

Create a list of all the passcodes your house sitter may need while you are away. This should include your Wi-Fi password, the garage code, gate codes, and the code to disarm and arm your home security system.

Avoid giving your security code to your house sitter instead of creating a personalized code they can use. That way, if you ever suspect someone has had unauthorized access to your home, you can review the code entry records and more easily identify who was in your house.

If you don’t have a home security system, now is the time to get one. Opt for a comprehensive plan that includes security cameras that you can access online and view from anywhere in real-time to check in on things at home periodically.

Disable Smart Speakers and Accounts Linked to Your TV

If you have an Amazon Echo or a Google Home smart speaker, turn it off before departure. Without doing so, you are giving your house sitter unfettered access to your Amazon or Google accounts, and they could easily rack up purchases without your permission. The same goes for your entertainment apps on your Apple TV or Amazon Firestick.

Alert Everyone

Alert your neighbors, local family members, and friends that you will have a house sitter minding your home while you are away. Have them keep an eye on things and be sure that your house sitter follows the basic rules you have established, like not having guests over or when to take out the trash and recycling bins.

Maintain transparency with your house sitter on this matter so they are clear on the expectations. Provide your house sitter with a list of emergency contact numbers so they know who to contact locally in various emergency scenarios.

Adjusting Energy Usage

Program your thermostat before leaving so it remains at a comfortable yet energy-efficient temperature while you are away. Turn down the water heater slightly to avoid energy waste. Adjust the timers on your indoor and outdoor lighting and on your lawn sprinkler system to ensure that your property looks occupied and well-maintained at all times. While you could entrust your house sitter to do all these things, it’s best to automate them in advance to take one less responsibility off of their place.

With some planning and preparation, you can set your house sitter up for success. And their success is your success, as it will mean you enjoy your time away without worrying about what is going on at home.

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