4 Ways to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone


Are you excited about the new iPhone 2018? With all the news that has been rolling out about the upcoming iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus, people worldwide are considering changing from Android to iPhones!

However, the biggest issue with replacing an Android for an iPhone is how to transfer contacts to the new iPhone. We all know that it’s tough for the two phones to communicate. This article will show you how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone using four methods.


PART 1: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone using Dr. Fone – Switch

dr. Fone – Switch is the best and most effective method to transfer Android contacts to iPhone XS or iPhone XS Plus. This is the best solution because it’s a consolidated 1-click process. With a single button, you can transfer all of the contacts and any other files you want.

Dr. Fone – Switch is also extremely reliable and trustworthy because it has been rolled out by the world’s leading technology enterprise – Wondershare.

Dr. Fone – Switch

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone XS with the click of a button.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone:

  1. Download and launch Dr. Fone.
  2. Connect your old Android phone and #newiPhone to the computer simultaneously and wait for dr—fone to detect them.


  1. Click on the ‘Switch’ option. Now, set up the Android phone as the ‘Source’ and the new iPhone as the ‘Destination.’ Use the ‘Flip’ switch to change their positions.


  1. Select ‘ Contacts ‘ from the list of file types and click on ‘Start Transfer.’
  2. You’ll be able to gauge the progress of files as they move from Android to iPhone.
  3. The ‘Success’ message will indicate that the files have been transferred.


PART 2: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone using the Move to iOS App

  1. Download the “Move to iOS” app from the Google Play Store and install it into your old Android phone.
  2. Initiate the setup process in your new iPhone. When you reach the ‘App & Data’ screen, select the “Move Data from Android” option.


  1. Now, turn on the Android app and enter the security message on your iOS screen. This will connect your old Android phone to your iPhone.


  1. Select ‘Contacts’ and any other data type you want to migrate and click on ‘Next.’


Disadvantages of Move to iOS App:

  • It can only work if your iPhone is completely new and hasn’t been set up yet. If you’ve already set it up, you’ll have to factory reset it and set it up again.
  • It would help if you connected both phones with a strong internet connection.

PART 3: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone using Gmail

  1. Go to your Android phone’s Settings > Accounts > Google > Contacts. Transfer all your contacts to your Gmail account.


  1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Add Account > Google from your iPhone. Sync your Gmail account to your iPhone.


  1. Now go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Gmail. Toggle on the ‘Contacts’ option. Now, all your contacts will be available on your iPhone.


Disadvantages of the Gmail Method:

  • Lack of privacy because all your contacts are available online.
  • It can only work if you have a Gmail account and an internet connection.

PART 4: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone using iTunes

  1. This method also requires you to sync all your Android contacts to your Google account. Go to Settings > Accounts > Google > Contacts and transfer the contacts.


  1. Connect your new iPhone to your computer and then launch iTunes.
  2. Go to your iPhone’s settings screen and select the Information tab.
  3. Go to ‘Sync Contacts with’ > ‘Google Contacts.’
  4. Enter your Gmail account’s password and login credentials and click ‘Apply.’


Disadvantages of the iTunes Method:

  • It would help if you had an internet connection and a Gmail account.
  • Your contacts get stored online.
  • It isn’t effortless.


Now you know how to transfer Android contacts to iPhone XS or iPhone XS Plus using several different methods. As you can probably see for yourself, the Dr. The first option is the best because the others are riddled with issues. For example, the Move to iOS app can only work if you haven’t set up your iPhone. And the Gmail and iTunes methods only work if you have internet and access to Gmail.

If you have any other questions about transferring contacts from Android to iPhone, please let us know.

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