Our smartphones have slowly been replacing the computers and laptops. With that added functionality, comes the responsibility of handling the data effectively. This necessitates the need for an all-powerful backup and recovery solution for your smartphone. How about a tool that offers you all your security requirements within one single application? That is precisely what is iSkySoft Toolbox for iOS for you.

iSkySoft Toolbox-iOS Recovery– An Overview

To begin with, the iSkySoft Toolbox- iOS Recovery is an application that offers you a complete data security on your iOS device. It is a perfect iPhone recovery software and packs in a host of functionalities within one single app.

iphone data recovery step 1 - connect device

recover deleted text messages on iPhone With support for over 20 multiple file types, the software can recover data from your iPhone, iTunes and iCloud data backup.

The Features

Well, the software offers you exceptional performance with high-end features. It supports data recovery on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices. The tool can help you recover your data in multiple scenarios of data deletion and corruption.

Some of the scenarios where iSkySoft Toolbox- iOS Recovery can prove to be helpful include

  • Stolen devices
  • Accidental data deletion
  • Locked out device due to software issues and
  • Data loss as a result of a factory reset.

The tool also supports multiple data formats and can handle recovery of almost any file format you would like to. Some of the file types that you can recover include contacts, SMS, Call logs, photos, videos, audio and yes, your WhatsApp messages as well. It can recover over 16 different file types.

Yet another feature worth the mention is the compatibility with almost all iOS devices and the iOS versions. The iSkySoft ToolBox supports devices right from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone XS and the iPod devices. It also supports all the iOS versions right up to iOS 12.

How to recover data from iOS devices?

The functionality of iSkySoft Toolbox is much simple and easy to follow. In fact, you do not need to be a technical expert to use the tool for recovering your data. Your data recovery exercise should be smooth and straightforward enough with easy to use and understand features.

Follow the steps in this orders –

  • Download and install iSkySoft ToolBox Recover tool.
  • Ensure you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer. The data recovery may not work if you do not have iTunes.
  • Connect your iOS device to your computer. You can use the USB cable to connect your device.
  • Click on Trust This computer on your phone. This will ensure that you will be able to access the data on your phone through the tool.
  • Now launch your iSkySoft Toolbox and click on Recover option.

  • Next screen will take you to the scanning options. Choose the file types you would want to recover. You can choose to recover an entire device if needed. Once you are done with the selection, you can click on Start Scan.


  • The scanning process can take a while to finish. The exact time taken will be dependent upon the amount of data to be recovered. In case you find the data you are looking for, you can pause the scanning process.
  • Once the scan is completed, the software lists the files that were found. You can now preview the scanned data. Click on a particular entry, and you will find a thumbnail image or the details of the file as the case may be.


  • Choose the files you want to recover and click on the appropriate option depending upon the location you would want to recover the file to. You can either recover your file to your device or to your computer. However, we would advise you to recover the files to your computer so that it would not be deleted again on your phone due to any software glitch. You can later transfer the files to your device.
  • If you choose recovery to your computer, choose the right location to store your files. You can create a new folder if you so wish.


That would do it. You have successfully recovered your iOS device with the help of iSkySoft ToolBox Recover for iOS.

The ease of the functionality will definitely make it one of the excellent options for all your needs in recovering your iOS devices.

Other Functionalities on iSkySoft ToolBox

Apart from data recovery, you can use the software for a host of other functions. In fact, these additional functionalities aid you in addressing the major performance issues plaguing your iOS device.

System Recovery is designed to handle the problems being faced by your phone. Some prime cases are restart loop, white screen issues, black screen and device stuck in the recovery mode. This option will update your iPhone to the latest iOS version and remove the jailbroken status of your device.

Data Backup is an excellent performance enhancer and aids you in saving your files securely. You can keep backing up your device at regular intervals of time. If you decide to restore the data sometime in future, you can choose the appropriate option in the Backup and restore section of the software.

The tool also offers you a data Eraser functionality. This lets you delete all your data from the phone. This can be helpful enough if you are looking to sell off your iOS device. You can ensure that your data will not land into the wrong hands.

And lastly, iSkySoft also lets you back up the data from your favorite instant messengers. It supports Kik, LINE, and Viber. However, when it comes to WhatsApp, you will get a few extra features packed in. You can use the tool to transfer your WhatsApp data from one phone to another.

In Conclusion

The iSkySoft iOS data recovery software is a well -designed and capable option to recover data quickly and safely for your iPhone/ipad or iPod touch. It works in an excellent manner in what it is expected to offer in terms of iPhone data recovery. You can go with the trial version to get a feel of the tool and can go with the Pro version if you are satisfied.