Google’s Android Phones Challenge Apple iPhone For Smartphone Market Share

At a media forum on Thursday, July 8, 2010, at Allen & Co’s Sun Valley conference, Google executives Larry Page and Sergey Brin informed Journalists that Steve Jobs changed to re-writing Android’s history to align with Apple’s interests. They argued that, unlike Steve Jobs’s claims, Google had been working on Android long before the iPhone launched in 2007.

According to Mr. Page: “We were working on Android for a completely long time, with the perception of manufacturing telephones that are internet-enabled and feature good browsers and all that because that did not exist inside the marketplace area. The characterization of what people is getting into after the iPhone changed isn’t reasonable. ” Google co-founder Larry Page opined that Mr. Jobs declared that Google went into the cell phone enterprise which will the Apple iPhone 5 turned into a fake.


However, an evaluation of smartphone history will show that Google obtained Android in 2005 and started making cell phone prototypes soon after a while. Informed assets say the Android phone model Mr. Jobs saw at that time appeared more like the Blackberry. This indicates that Google’s preliminary idea may not be to make phones seem like the iPhone.

Now, the question most industry watchers ask is, if Google were running on an Android tablet-powered smartphone, why did they wait until September 2008, a year after the iPhone was released, to introduce the G1 phone? The information also suggests that it became due to tensions over Google’s entry into the telephone business that could contribute to the out of Mr. Eric Schmidt from the Apple board. Analysts consider that Google might also have been working on an Android-powered telephone earlier than the iPhone was added; however, the iPhone seemed to have given them higher insights on how to perfect their cell phone. This is especially authentic given the resemblance of the Nexus One to the iPhone.

Also, an affirmation of Google’s motive for launching the Android telephones will be gleaned from comments made at the Google I/O convention held in May. At the occasion, Google defined that they introduced Android to clients so that Apple would no longer gather full-size impact that could grow to be draconian.

The data also appear to suggest that Google went into the cell phone enterprise following the conclusion that the future of computing might be in portable gadgets like phones and tablet computers. As a result, they went into the phone enterprise to dominate web search on that platform just like they’d done on the desktop. This perception is supported by Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, in his published remarks in an interview with the UK Guardian newspaper on June 25, 2010. In that interview, Mr. Schmidt recommended that he desires the best Android tablets to be the Windows of Mobile.

Also, in that same interview, Mr. Schmidt gave vital feedback about Microsoft Windows. He stated: “You have to ask how on this planet Windows Phone – to have a paid-for license – is ever going to attract any handset makers, but it needs to be loudest for builders considering whether the shrinking, forwards-incompatible pool of Windows Mobile telephones is surely well worth bothering with.”

In the evaluation, Apple appears to have long gone into the telephone commercial enterprise as a re-positioning approach, aiming to make huge sales from selling the smartphone hardware itself. Also, with the smart telephones’ appearance, Apple realized that there had been a huge capability in the region of cell Advertising. This turned into why they sought to accumulate Admob. While Apple negotiated to shop for Admob, a mobile advertising business enterprise, Google quickly stepped in and purchased Admob. As a result, Apple went ahead to accumulate Quatro Wireless, which is Admob’s largest competitor. In response to Google’s acquisition of Admob, Apple has re-written the guidelines of its cell Advertising platform called the iAd, therefore shutting out Admob, which was obtained using Google.

As the clever cell phone struggle rages on Bloomberg, news reports that Apple has bought more than 50 million iPhones due to its creation. According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the present-day version, iPhone 4, has sold more than three million units since its June 24, 2010, debut. Analysts believe iPhones account for nearly 35 percent of Apple’s $forty-two. 9 billion sales. Also, the iPhone has over 2 hundred 000 programs with over five billion downloads.

The fast growth of programs in Apple’s surroundings could be traced to the company’s preliminary incentive to developers. For example, in the beginning, to inspire Applications to run on the iPhone, Apple made oblique funding through a distinctive feature of a $100 million mission-capital fund set up by using Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Today, Apple has paid over one thousand million bucks to builders due to the fact that it was inception.

Apple’s fulfillment has spurred other gamers inside the cell phone market, like HP, LG, RIM, Google, Palm, Nokia, and Microsoft, to expand cellular stores wherein customers with cell platforms pay and download applications.

Like Apple, Google has accomplished achievement with its Android-powered smartphones as income has pushed dramatically upward. An affirmation of Android’s boom could be gleaned from the positive comments made by Google’s Senior VP of Product Management, Jonathan Rosenberg, in July 2010. According to Mr. Rosenberg, one hundred sixty 000 Android-based gadgets are activated daily. He stated that Android Seek grew by 300 percent in the first half of 2010, with a robust boom expected to be preserved in the second half.

Mr. Rosenberg said overall revenue jumped by 24 percent yr-on-12 months, and income accelerated by using 19 percent, as properly. Informed reports display that as of May 2010, there have been 50,000 Android Apps, but nowadays, they may be over 70, 000 and by the stop of the year, they need to reach 100,000. Also, Google has tried to inspire developers of packages for the Android operating gadget via a contest. Also, in line with records made to be had through Andro Lib, Android users have recently downloaded a couple of billion pieces of software.

Interestingly, every other measure of Google’s Android phone success could be seen from superb figures published through HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer within the 2D zone 2010. The agency in July 2010 introduced that its internet profits rose to 33 percent for the second region, and total revenue became 58 percent greater than final years figures. According to the Wall Street Journal, for the second quarter of 2010, HTC made $268 million in earnings.

The upward push inside the profit of HTC reflects the fulfillment of Google because analysts consider that it’s far from Android phones that are using the enterprise’s growth. The huge popularity of HTC’s Google Android-powered telephones like Evo 4G, the Droid Incredible, the Google Nexus One, and T-Mobile-My Touch 3 are helping to position HTC as a leading telephone producer.

A pointer to the rapid boom of Google’s Android will be discerned from the reality Comscore suggested on July eight, 2010, that Google’s Android platform grew by forty-four percent from February to May. According to Comscore, inside the three three-month time frame from December to February, Android had a mean marketplace percentage of about 9 percent of the cell phones in the United States. However, inside the following 3-month time frame, the Android marketplace proportion grew to about 13 percent from March to May.

Remarkably, despite the boom in Android’s market percentage, the Comscore file confirmed that as of July 2010 RIM  changed into primary with 41. Seven percent share of U. S. Phone subscribers, followed by Apple with 24.4 percent. Microsoft became third with thirteen. Two rates: Google’s Android turned 4th with 13 percent, and Palm was fifth with a 4.8 percent market percentage. Market analysts say an overview of the totality of the Market will signify that Android is developing at a charge to see it outpace all its competitors.

The Google -Apple face-off in the clever telephone marketplace is transforming into the Apple -Microsoft war of the eighty and ninety. In the Apple-Microsoft struggle of the ’90s, Microsoft won a competitive advantage over Apple because, at the same time as Microsoft turned into forming partnerships with PC carriers, Apple stored its working machine closed for use in only its very own laptop structures. In that arrangement, Microsoft Windows soared in market proportion while Apple stagnated.

In the existing case, Google’s Android platform is developing hastily because it has lost so many handset producers who prefer it. Also, it is available from a couple of vendors like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. However, the Apple iPhone OS runs best on an unmarried tool -the iPhone and one carrier, ATT. Experts trust this fashion, which could result in gradual growth for the iPhone.

Industry assets say it could only be fair to compare the Apple iPhone and other smartphones strolling on Android on a man or woman foundation to determine how nicely everyone stacks up against the iPhone. Experts accept that together, the smartphones walking on Android might also, in the end, have extra marketplace share than the Apple iPhone smartphone, which is a single device. Still, not one of  Android phones might outsell the iPhone, which appears to be the quickest selling smart telephone in records.

A pointer to the future of the telephone marketplace will seem like it is contained in a current document published by IDC, a Market intelligence organization. According to IDC’s evaluation through 2013, Symbian could be the number one cell OS worldwide, while Android will be the No. 2. IDC predicts that Android may additionally probably acquire the fastest growth of any mobile working device ever.

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