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How to Make Your Contacts Safely Transferred from VCF to MS Outlook

Doing business is getting easier when you align with modern software, which works with many data. Every person who deals with comprehensive business processes has plenty of contacts on their devices, overwhelmed by unnecessary information. Every day, you receive more and more emails with electronic business cards that could be useful just once. To keep contacts safe, people usually use Microsoft Outlook. What are MS Outlook and VCF? What are the general criteria for the apps that work with these tools? Learn from the article.

How to Make Your Contacts Safely Transferred from VCF to MS Outlook 1

What is MS Outlook

As paper notebooks passed away, MS Outlook became an irreplaceable software for business management. Microsoft Outlook is a personal information tool with email and Groupware functions. It is also a suitable organizer, which provides a calendar, task scheduler, address book, and contact manager; however, if you are already using it and just looking for a service that imports VCF files to Outlook, checks the general information about such tools before usage.

What You Should Know about VCF

vCard (VCF file) – a universally recognized format for thousands of applications for storing and sharing contacts for electronic business cards. A typical VCF file may contain names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, URLs, logos, and other elements that can describe a person or company. The vCard format is often used on mobile phones for exchanging contacts between devices.

How to Make Your Contacts Safely Transferred from VCF to MS Outlook 2

General Criteria

If you need to import hundreds or thousands of contacts at once, it will be much better to use a specialized online application or contacts transfer tool. To protect your information from risks of losing, damaging, or stealing, pay attention to the following criteria:

1. License. Do not forget to carefully read and understand all the restrictions and rights described in the license agreement. Sometimes, the application allows the use of the free demo version, which is accessible for a limited time. Then, you must purchase a license and register the software to remove all shareware restrictions. Sometimes, the software is distributed under several permits, depending on the user’s requirements: home, business, technical ones, etc.

2. Price. Generally, programs are distributed for some price, as it is a product of intellectual property. Frequently, after obtaining the license, you are getting access to the app for a year. However, some applications are available online, while the size of the transferred files calculates the price.

3. System requirements. Usually, people download this software using OS Microsoft Windows. At the same time, it is also essential to note that if you want to import a VCF file to Outlook, you need to make sure that MS Outlook is already installed on your device.

Such kinds of programs are aimed at meeting the needs of a vast audience. It could be used by home users and office workers who need to copy contacts from any program or web application either once or permanently. Take your time and efforts using VCF to MS Outlook transfer apps, and make sure that your communications are protected by reliable programs.

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