Windstorm Mitigation Strategies for Homeowners in Texas

Windstorm safety is one of the most important things a homeowner can do. There are many things that people do that could have dire consequences if it were not for having the right protection. Homeowners in Texas should be aware of the possibility of a windstorm and take the necessary steps to prepare their homes and property. In Texas, we are in the midst of the biggest windstorm season. While homeowners who live in areas prone to storms should already have their hurricane windows installed, there are other things they can do to mitigate the effects of these powerful winds.

When protecting your home, you don’t want to risk your family’s safety. Hurricane windows are a smart investment for all homeowners. Still, if you live in Texas or plan to move here, you should consider installing hurricane shutters.

Every year, we face another hurricane season. We know that we should be prepared by taking all necessary precautions and building or strengthening our homes, but it can be overwhelming when there are many things to do and choices. This presentation overviews the steps we take to protect our home in the event of a hurricane and gives tips on building a solid home defense strategy.

Windstorm Mitigation

What is windstorm mitigation?

When protecting your home, you don’t want to risk your family’s safety. Hurricane windows are a smart investment for all homeowners. Still, if you live in Texas or plan to move here, you should consider installing hurricane shutters. While shutters are a good investment, they aren’t always the best option.

Some areas don’t have the space for shutters; even if you have the space, they can be a hassle to install. That is where hurricane windows come in. They are the most effective way of reducing wind damage. Even if you don’t live in a hurricane-prone area, hurricane windows can help prevent injury and save you money on repairs. While hurricane windows can be expensive, they are still a better investment than not having them.

What are the risks of a windstorm?

You must protect your home and family from severe damage if you live in a high-risk area. During a windstorm, there is a risk of structural damage to the roof and walls of your home. A strong gust of wind can damage windows, especially those not properly installed. In Texas, many homeowners opt to install hurricane windows for safety reasons.

While hurricane windows are an important addition to your home, they are not a foolproof way to prevent windstorm damage. Wind can still blow through the gaps, which are expensive to install. That’s why it’s important to install hurricane shutters, too. While they are more costly than hurricane windows, they are an excellent investment to protect your home from wind and flying debris.

How does a windstorm impact home insurance?

It’s not fun to know that insurance companies base a portion of your home’s premium on the risk of natural disasters. While hurricanes are the most common natural disaster in the US, other storms such as tornadoes, floods, and hail can all cause serious damage and impact your home’s value.

If you live in Texas, your home’s premium will reflect the risk of a windstorm hitting your area. During a storm, your home insurance policy will provide you with coverage for wind-related losses. But what exactly is a wind-related loss? And how much will your home insurance cost?

Windstorm mitigation techniques for homeowners

Installing hurricane shutters is the best way to protect yourself against a hurricane’s high winds. They keep flying debris out of your house, keep your walls and windows from damage by flying glass and allow air to flow freely into the home.

While hurricane windows are a smart investment for all homeowners, installing them is a good idea, even if you live in an area where hurricanes aren’t common. There are two main hurricane window types: impact-resistant and double-pane. Impact-resistant windows are a great option if you are concerned about the damage that high winds can cause to your house.

Double-pane windows are another great option because they help reduce energy costs and save money on heating and cooling bills. They are more expensive than impact-resistant windows, but this is a great option if you are concerned about hurricane damage.

While hurricane windows are the most popular choice, many other options are available. Double-hung windows are a good option if you have small windows or a very narrow window frame. They are also a good option if you are trying to save money.

Frequently Asked Questions Windstorm Mitigation

Q: How can homeowners protect their homes from the damaging winds of Hurricane Ike?

A: Protect your roof from flying debris by boarding up windows and doors: seal cracks or holes in ceilings and siding. Fill in any low spots with caulk. Make sure outdoor structures like fences, trees, and sheds are anchored. Clear brush around your home and secure anything loose during a storm.

Q: Can I use wood to reinforce my roof?

A: Yes. If you are building a new home, ensure it is designed to withstand wind pressure. Use wood beams and roof framing members like 2x4s and plywood to hold your roof shingles down and to help protect your house from flying debris.

Q: Will a plywood roof be more resistant than an asphalt roof?

A: Plywood roofing material has the advantage of being made from the same material as other building materials.

Top 3 Myths About Windstorm Mitigation

1. The homeowner must do windstorm mitigation.

2. The homeowner must do windstorm mitigation in person.

3. Windstorm mitigation cannot be delayed.


Most homeowners in Texas own their homes outright and don’t have a mortgage. As such, they typically have comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policies that cover damages to the home caused by windstorms. While insurance companies can be difficult to deal with, they generally have a good track record of providing fair compensation for damaged property. However, insurance companies don’t always know what to do if the damage to your property is caused by something other than a windstorm. They may not even know whether they are liable for paying the claim. That’s why it’s important to consult with an experienced attorney. At The Law Offices of William P. Johnson, we have been helping Texas homeowners recover fair compensation for insurance claims for over 30 years.

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