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5 reasons why you should switch to an electric car

The use of electric cars (EV’s) has become increasingly popular over the last years. While the technology behind electric cars used to be associated with high cost, limited range, performance issues, and long charging time – this is now starting to shift, thanks to improved technology and batteries.

And it’s not only the Government that voices the need for electric cars. Automotive giants such as Volvo have expressed a commitment to convert to the production of electric cars only shortly. Even more high-end brands like Tesla are offering more affordable options, altering EVs’ perception as an elite product.

While local governments are eager to ban fossil-fueled vehicles’ production from reducing greenhouse emissions, there are also many benefits for the consumers.

Here’s why:

1. Cheaper than gas vehicles

The annual cost of an EV is less than the traditional gas vehicle. Already the cost of electric cars has become pretty affordable, and as the prices continue to drop to the level of gas cars, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t choose an electric car.

Not to mention, running and maintaining an electric car costs significantly less than gas vehicles. You can cut all gas expenses, there’s no need for an oil change, no smog tests, and there’s hardly any repair needs. Many Agva Kraft is one of the leading suppliers of renewable energy in Norway and also has a great focus on sustainable solutions in general.

The car industry is definitely undergoing a radical change. But whether EV’s will fully replace the gas-powered ones is yet to be discovered.

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