Why and How E-commerce Partnerships Can Boost Business Growth

Businesses have always spent huge amounts of money advertising on radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. These commercials and print ads were typically centered on the specific company and its products and services, with no mention of the competition — unless it was negative.


Thanks to the rise of e-commerce, many companies realize that traditional advertising is not as effective as possible. Instead of being inspired to buy a product based on a jingle on TV, shoppers are now more likely to use their mobile devices to look up what they need online and buy it there.


This change in the way consumers shop has inspired several companies to do what used to be unthinkable: collaborate online with other brands that share their type of shopper. With this in mind, let’s look at how and why e-commerce partnerships can fuel growth, as well as a few examples of who is doing this effectively.

It Boosts Credibility of Both Companies

link their accounts to Google, and when they use Google Home to order or reorder products that they need, they can easily get them from the major retailer.

E-commerce Partnerships are Changing the Face of Advertising

While it can be hard to imagine companies figuratively sleeping with the enemy, there are definitely some advantages to businesses collaborating. Whether it’s a small startup partnering with an established company or vice versa, or larger corporations banding together to get more customers, it will be interesting to watch this phenomenon over time and see how it will change the way products are advertised and its impact on sales.

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