Types of guitar pedals available in shops

Whether it is for that acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, there are different types of guitar pedals you can take advantage of in online shops today. However, in this article, we seek to take you through the essential ones you need for excellent effects. Thus, with this information, you don’t have to waste time going around the shops.

Types of guitar pedals available in shops 1

Following are some of the guitar pedals that you’d find in a good shop

The compressor pedal

This is a type of pedal that gives the sound a punchy tone. It helps in stabilizing the volume and brings about smoothness to the attack. It also helps in quieting the fingerpicked parts. It protects the harp harmonics, hammer-ons, and pull-offs from disappearing between hard strumming and the acoustic and electric guitar. The compressor is also ideal when playing the staccato chords, for it returns that classic ‘squishy’ guitar tone. When you need more ‘sustain’ for ‘Rocks’ and ‘blues’- the compressor will give a perfect effect.

The Distortion pedal

When building a guitar rig, the distortion pedal comes in handy. These come in different sizes, shapes, personalities, and feelings. Look for a distortion pedal to give you a sustain, fuzz, and, most importantly, an overdrive. It also has a few controls, like the filter cutoff, a volume that would give a perfect glow in the dark. Get it in your stompbox and get that raunchy distorted feel.

The Reverb pedal

This pedal is key to many guitarists; it helps with decay, level adjustments, and tone. It will help you ‘pitch-shift’ while on an octave to adjust accordingly. The reverb is also perfect for the ‘ambient styles’ for those who fancy such tones. With this pedal, you have the “TonePrint Slot, “with which you can download custom-designed presets.

The Delay pedal

This gives the “delay” effect in your signal sound and an echo effect where you duplicate audio after the original. The delay pedal is necessary if you venture into the world of guitar pedals. The perfect delay sound you get out of it gives you an ideal feel of what you’re trying to communicate with your notes. It provides your chords the extra detail so that the possibilities are large.

The chorus pedal

This is closely related to the reverb, where you get more of the orchestra or choir effect. This is due to the timbre or pitch changes. Here, there is a slight delay added to the audio signal. This type of pedal sends us into the world of shimmer. When playing the guitar, you must switch it here and there to bring about the “chorus effect.” When choosing this type of pedal, you need to consider the control over the sound, size, and most importantly, how it sounds on stage. With a digital-based pedal, you get more effect, something that would bring some perfect effect to the sound.

When choosing your guitar pedals, preamp pedals, or any other, it is important to get advice from a reliable source. There are good online shops that provide various these and therefore make it easy for you to choose. Think about what you want out of the pedal and let that guide your choice.

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