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Who Bakes Bread?

These days, more and more people are baking bread. They’re discovering the true delight that comes with baking a loaf for the first time. Bread has become an integral part of our lives and many people consume it every day. However, not a lot of people know that bread has an interesting history.

It’s thought that bread has been baked for around 30,000 years. It was not until 10,000 years ago that leavened bread began to appear. Next was sourdough bread, followed by bread mixers that were capable of mixing large quantities of dough.

One of the cheapest and most commonly baked products in the world, bread is baked everywhere. But who exactly bakes bread and are the bakers the ones who eat it? We’re going to take a look at this now.

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Bread is baked in homes around the world. Some people bake their bread by hand, whereas others are happy to use a bread machine. Some people prefer to bake a loaf from scratch, whereas others use bread mixtures that come in packets.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, the sales of yeast, flour, and other bread baking ingredients became very popular. In fact, they were so popular that many factories had to increase their output to meet demand.


Bakeries use a deck oven or two to help them bake large batches of bread. You can typically find a wide variety of bread for sale in bakeries. You can even purchase sliced bread if you want to make life easier.

One of the sheer joys of visiting a bakery is seeing the huge displays of bread. Relatively cheap, and in some cases, very good for you, bread made in a bakery can be incredibly tasty. While many people bake bread at home rather than buy a loaf, sometimes bread made in a bakery can seem very special.


Restaurants typically serve bread every day. In fact, some restaurants even offer you bread rolls while you wait for your meal. Restaurants have the ability to bake large batches of bread, should they wish to. They also tend to specialize in sourdough bread or rich, wholemeal or granary loaves. Bread such as this is usually served with a special dish or a salad.


You can typically find bread for sale in shops. However, in addition to those pre-packaged loaves, many shops also bake bread themselves. However, not everyone is aware that the bread is delivered par-baked. This is because it’s quicker and easier for the shop to bake the bread. It also means that the customers can still enjoy the smell and taste of freshly baked bread.

The par-baked bread is typically placed in an oven and is squirted with water. The water is added to ensure the bread has a golden finish. Without the water, the bread can look quite pale. The bread is typically baked for up to 20 minutes before it is removed from the oven and allowed to cool slightly. The bread is then placed in a bag and put out for sale. The smell of the bread can be quite alluring to customers, helping the shop to make a sale.

30,000 years after bread was first eaten, most of us consume it nearly every day. This wonderful product can be used in a range of recipes or simply enjoyed on its own. With so many different types of bread available and the fact that it’s so versatile, it’s no wonder we all enjoy at least a few slices every day. All this talk of bread is making me hungry. Time to make a loaf in my bread machine.

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