Sony Launches A ‘New Type’ Of Camera

These days, Sony announced not just a new digital camera but a new kind of camera in the form of the RX0 – an ultra-compact, sturdy, and waterproof device with an unconventional set of features and help for multi-digicam setups.


It features a 1.0-kind stacked sensor like those found within the employer’s incredibly appeared RX10 and RX100 collection client cameras. However, the RX0 is a device aimed at expert users who want to create VR and ‘bullet-time’ results using much smaller and extra bendy setups than the large multi-digicam rigs currently required to provide such outcomes.


The RX0 capabilities a 15.Three Megapixel Exmor RS CMOS picture sensor and a Zeiss Tessar T* 24mm equivalent F4 lens. It gives a completely excessive maximum shutter pace of up to/32,000 seconds and can capture as many as 16 pictures in keeping with the second.

The digicam gives up to 40x sluggish movement seize in video mode, S-Log2 recording for expert post-processing and more suitable dynamic range, and smooth 4K output through HDMI for outside recording.

Perhaps the maximum interest in most of the RX0’s features is help for multi-camera control in wired or wireless setups. This facilitates taking pictures of the scene from multiple points of view simultaneously, therefore the VR and ‘bullet-time’ abilities.

Despite its decidedly GoPro-like proportions (the RX0 measures just 59mm x 40.5mm x 29.8mm), the RX0 isn’t billed as a competitor in the motion digital lily camera marketplace. That 24mm equal lens gives an incredibly huge attitude in trendy photographic phrases but is far from the all-encompassing fisheye lenses normal of movement cameras.

There are a few similarities, however, not least in the environments in which the camera can be used. The RX0 is water-resistant to depths of 10 meters, can face up to a drop from meters, and is crushproof up to 2000N. Sony intends to enable multi-camera setups where conventional best digital cameras might conflict, including rainy, dusty, or cramped environments.

A range of well-suited accessories has also been released, including underwater housing appropriate for depths of as much as 100 meters.

The RX0 is priced at $699 and starts evolved delivery in October. See Sony for greater statistics.

What do you get when merging a small, rugged motion with a Sony RX100 advanced compact? It’s probably something plenty like the Sony RX0. On Aug. 31, Sony brought the Cyber-shot RX0, a waterproof digital camera that uses the organization’s famous 1-inch Exmor sensor for high-resolution photo and video capture. The RX0 has a hard and fast lens, and it’s designed for multi-digital camera setups. It has been some time since Sony products have been up to date with its rugged factor-and-shoot and Action Cam lineups, but Sony support stated the RX0 is neither. Instead, it is a new kind of digital camera designed for a brand new technology of innovative filmmakers, combining key factors from various camera categories and use cases.

Powered via the same stacked Exmor RS CMOS 1-inch sensor and Bionz X processor on the back of Sony’s superior cameras, just like the RX100 V and RX10 II, the RX0’s body resembles an action digital camera. However, that little boxy body weighs the handiest 3. Nine ounces and measures simply 2.38 inches at the widest point. However, its weatherproof attributes are extra in line with rugged point-and-shoots: The RX0 is water-resistant (right down to 33 ft), crushproof, shockproof (from 6.5 ft), and climate-sealed to protect it against dirt.

The 15.3-megapixel sensor features Sony’s stacked technology for faster speeds and progressed low-mild capture. The small form-element accommodates a set, 24mm Zeiss Tessar T* wide-attitude digicam lens with a regular f/4 aperture — more Sony Action Cam than RX-series, however, minus the distortion and fisheye results you usually get from an action camera.

The RX0’s autofocus machine functions more like those in an ordinary digital camera. It gives an unmarried-shot autofocus mode, manual, and preset attention, all using a 25-factor evaluation detection autofocus system.

For snapshots, if the point of interest and publicity is locked on the primary frame, the RX0 can shoot as fast as 16 frames in keeping with the second (fps). For other photographs, the digicam can manipulate 5.5 fps. Shutter velocity degrees from 1/four to at least one/32,000, using a digital shutter designed to dispose of the rolling shutter distortion in speedy action.

The camera comprises a complete guide mode, a program car for photographs and video, and a handful of complete-vehicle methods. Aperture priority and shutter priority modes are missing. However, that’s no longer sudden, considering you may regulate the aperture beside. The digicam can further shoot RAW documents to JPEG, making it more advanced than most motion and factor-and-shoot cameras.

However, the RX0’s autofocus gadget functions more than those in a regular digital camera. It offers a single-shot autofocus mode, manual consciousness, and present awareness, all using a 25-point assessment detection autofocus gadget.

For still photographs, if the point of interest and exposure is locked on the primary body, the RX0 can shoot as speedy as sixteen frames in line with 2nd (fps). For other photographs, the digicam can manage five. Five fps. Shutter speed degrees from 1/4 to at least one/32,000, using a digital shutter designed to remove the rolling shutter distortion in speedy action.

The digicam includes a complete guide mode, a program car for each picture and video, and a handful of complete-vehicle methods. Aperture priority and shutter priority modes are lacking. However, that’s not surprising, thinking that you can’t modify the aperture beside. The camera can shoot RAW documents in addition to JPEG, making it more advanced than most movement and factor-and-shoot cameras.

The RX0 is priced at $700, with availability in October. That’s $300 greater than GoPro’s flagship. However, it’s $three hundred, much less than the RX100 V. The RX100 V is, in all likelihood, Sony’s reigning champ with greater megapixels, zoom lens, and adjustable, brighter aperture; however, if you couldn’t determine among a compact digicam and an action camera on your video workflow, the RX10 appears to mix the excellent of both worlds.

Sony RX0 packs a 1″ sensor within the frame of a rugged motion cam.

Besides the Xperia, Sony unveiled a curious new digital camera – the RX0. Yes, it’s part of the RX family. It even uses the identical 1″ sensor because of the venerable RX100 V. With a body that’s water, surprise, and overwhelm-evidence, you’d assume this is a great action camera. It measures 59.0 x 40.5 x 29.8 mm compared to a GoPro Hero Five Black at 61.7 x 44.4 x 24mm.

But Sony has larger things in thought – the RX0 can be used in multi-digital camera setups to create bullet-time, time-slice, and many different results. Using the FA-WRC1M Wwi-fiF commander, you may trigger up to 15 cameras concurrently. If you decide to slum it, you may cause up to 5 cameras over wi-fi (a firmware replacement coming in January will up that quantity).

The Sony RX0 has a 15.3MP Exmor RS sensor (1″ stacked), a BIONZ X processor, and a wide-angle Zeiss Tessar T* lens (24mm, f/4.Zero). It can shoot in RAW or JPEG and supply as much as a 16fps burst.

The video recording abilities are, in particular, remarkable. It can report 960fps slow movement like the XZ Premium and 240fps at 1080p. There’s a micro HDMI port for professionals who want to apply an outside recorder. S-Log2 recording and User Bits could additionally be of interest (the primary allows color grading, and the second one is a sophisticated time code for syncing multiple cameras).

The Sony RX0 is water-resistant up to 10m; however, if you’re underwater taking pictures, you could snatch the special housing, which could dive as much as 100deepth. Even on dry land, you don’t need to be mild – the camera can cope with drops up to 2m and might face a crushing force of 200kg.

There’s a 1.5″ TFT display screen at the lower back, even though you’d in all likelihood find it less difficult to control the digital camera with a telephone, from a laptop (thru USB), or with the wi-fi commander mentioned above (that’s a whopping $350!).

You knew it was coming, so here it is – the RX0 will cost $ seven hundred/CA$900 when it ships in October.

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