Using the Net in 2019: How It Continues to Change the World

That the internet has changed the world is obvious – it has become such an integral part of all our daily lives that it’s almost invisible! Most of the time, we do not even realize when we are using the internet since it is just so readily available at all times in the modern, digital world we now live in.

Although it has been more than 36 years since the net was first used by the government in 1983, the difference between what it was then and what it is now can be overwhelmingly profound. The changes would be astonishing if we go through every step of the net’s evolutionary process. For now, though, let’s take a brief look at how the World Wide Web has forever changed the world around us.

Using the Net in 2019: How It Continues to Change the World 1

Impact on Education

As we discuss change and improvement, starting the list without mentioning education would be inappropriate. After all, education has truly changed the world, and a large part of why the net exists is providing information and education of all kinds.

Twenty years ago, if someone told you that Christian MBA programs from an online university are real, you would probably laugh. Today, however, that is exactly what Spring Arbor University Online brings to its students from all around the globe.

Spring Arbor University’s deep Christian roots have been merged with the latest MBA education to create accredited Christian MBA programs. They are delivered to student professionals everywhere via the internet.

It’s not just about MBAs either, because many professional and academic courses are now being offered via the internet, which is just as valuable as regular courses in accreditations. If anything, online courses enjoy several advantages over traditional methods, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Internet courses make education available for everybody, irrespective of their geographical boundaries.
  • They are ideal for professionals who cannot afford to give up on the experience or the money from their current job.
  • Online programs have a flexible schedule to accommodate even the busiest people worldwide.
  • Differentially abled individuals find learning a lot easier in a comfortable environment, such as their own home.
  • Even on the move, having a smartphone is often enough to go through lessons, video lectures, and more.
  • Of Education costsreducedd when students don’t have to pay for rent, food, commute, or even give up their current job.
  • Time saved by skipping the regular commuting can be used for anything from an extra course to more time for the family.
  • The speed of the modern internet makes the classes and the entire experience seamless.

When a particular technology has essentially changed the medium of education itself, improved it in many ways, and made it more widely available than would ever be possible otherwise, the impact of that technology on changing and improving the world is self-explanatory.

Impact on Business

The total eCommerce sales figures grew by 15% last year in the US compared to 2017. The data comes from the United States Commerce Department, confirming something we knew already; eCommerce will eventually become the main source of revenue generation for the entire retail industry.

That is not to say that brick-and-mortar stores will perish or offline businesses will not be useful anymore because that will never likely happen. Nevertheless, the impact of the internet on retail, in particular, has been such that it will inevitably change the dimensions of the retail industry even more as we head further into the future.

A time is not far away when the competition between offline and online businesses will end in retail, and both will merge as a singular business, with two mediums of sale. Big retail chains such as Best Buy and Walmart have already happened. Still, smaller traditional stores are also actively adopting eCommerce and the internet’s vast opportunities.

Understand that we have till now only discussed retail, which is just one of the numerous industries that the internet has changed beyond anything that could have previously been imagined. Take Software as a Service or SaaS, for example, where a whole new, multibillion-dollar industry was created by cloud technology.

It is mind-boggling to think that the impact of the net on business, in general, is so huge that there is possibly no field where the invisible web is not currently affecting it, directly or indirectly. On the flip side, there is hardly any net sector that businesses aren’t monetizing, either.

Impact on Entertainment

Finally, we come to entertainment, but let’s clarify that online entertainment is just one of the multiple online industries mentioned previously. However, it deserves special mention because the industry’s impact has been one of the most profound, responsible for creating the modern, digital world we are all so used to now.

  • Online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have redefined and recreated the need for TV sets in 2019
  • Online gaming and social interactions have been turned into one seamless activity.
  • Online gambling, where legal, is now a business worth billions of dollars
  • Social media sites have become a way for us to share and feel connected to the whole world.
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have merged the lines between what is virtual and what is real.

Of the industries still massively affected by the net, healthcare, security, banking, cryptocurrencies, and so much more deserve special mention. At least for now, though, these examples should be enough to provide an idea of how much and in what magnitude everything has been changed by the World Wide Web and provide a glimpse into the future it holds for us.

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