Why Do Young People Prefer Online Gambling?

A young man, alone in a darkened room, with a spellbound view of one or even several screens – this is how many imagine the typical online casino. Is this picture correct? Is it primarily the men drawn to the virtual poker tables and online machines? Do young adults play for their luck more often on the Internet than the older ones who grew up “analog”?

At the moment, there are not a few online games that are enjoying enormous success: think, for example, of novelties like PUBG or Fortnite. In reality, young people seem to have a particular predilection towards much more classic games. In this case, the first on the list are casino games, which today can also be approached in their digital versions.

It is a trend that proves to be more alive than ever, as all the sector data confirm. Data that we will, however, deepen right away, and then having clarified the extent of the success of online casinos, the time will come to find out why young people like them so much.


Online Gaming: the numbers of the boom in digital casinos

Experts across Western Europe clarified the full extent of the success of online casinos. The data are, in fact, more than a valid testimony of the advancement of this trend in the gaming world. According to them, in fact, the online casino sector can count on a value of more than 2500 million euros in Western Europe.

The EU players confirm their preferences towards this trend: 43% of the money spent on online gaming is located right inside these digital platforms. Other interesting percentages are the following: the online casino market represents 43% of the digital gaming market value. The casinos accessible via the Internet have collected an excellent + 35% compared to last year.

Why do young people like online casinos?

For one reason: they collect many classic pastimes, made available in their modern (therefore digital) versions. Just think of the platforms that include card games like poker, along with online blackjack and online baccarat. This is where you can find other games that are very popular with fans of gambling halls and green tables: for example, slot machines, but also roulette and video poker.

Online casinos are not lacking even in terms of the variety of versions: each game’s variants are different. The young gamblers also appreciate both French roulette and American roulette. Not to mention the numerous types of online slots available to the user.

Today the online casino is also live.

The online gaming platforms already host several attractive real money games devoted to gaming rooms’ traditions. When you aim to increase realism, live casino games are born, such as 888 casinos. It is a natural evolution of this sector, often devoted to video game entertainment’s interactivity. It is easy to explain what this evolution comprises.

On sites equipped with the live system, you can play video games such as online roulette and online blackjack in real-time. The same can be done with other games of the caliber of baccarat. How does the system work? The player has an interface with a lot of buttons to play. Other elements that intervene to enrich the gaming experience are the timer and obviously the “Help” button. For the rest, the games take place in a video chat in front of a real dealer, which adds a lot of realism to the user experience.

At a licensed casino, you are always on the safe side.

Several users are wary of online casinos: this happens because of the doubts that other people raise about their regularity and safety. Absolutely shareable doubts if we talk about illegal platforms and not authorized by your state’s authority. Conversely, online casinos authorized by your state are 100% safe. This is because they have to meet very comprehensive criteria to receive the quality mark.

Among these, we find the SSL HTTPS protocol and legal and impossible to tamper with gaming software. Therefore, scams do not find space in these portals because payment methods for deposits are made by encrypting the player’s credit card data. Finally, the payout is guaranteed, and the same applies to the amounts won in the various games.

Playing at online casinos: a question of bonuses

It closes with the consideration that many underestimates. Online casinos often offer the new member a series of bonuses, such as the welcome bonus. The above is very convenient: it allows you to approach online casino games without depositing an initial amount.

In summary, this system allows you to try the games for free before deciding on the first deposit. Since registration to casino portals is completely free, the opportunity arises to test the games to see if they meet your expectations. Finally, even the most assiduous players are rewarded by these platforms: few bonuses can be accumulated over time, increasing the amounts won.

Should social casinos entice young people to play?

Some expert sees the danger in social casinos that young people are introduced to gambling at an especially early age. It is beautiful for young people to be out and about in the world of adults. Social casinos or apps imitate these with gambling elements. The expert also criticized the fact that many idols of young people advertise gambling. In her experience, young people mainly start gambling through sports or esports betting with different online offers. She therefore criticizes:

In the past, young people had to leave the house if they wanted to immerse themselves in this world. They might have to ask their parents for money; they also had to have a suitable ID that hopefully said they were of legal age. The smartphone and incorrect age entries would give you faster access to the game of chance. They realize that digital media would eliminate social control. Adolescents can play alone on the smartphone; no control by parents or friends is required.

Should gambling apps or social casino games be banned?

The expert contradicts the complete ban. She does not believe that games can be divided into harmless fun and addictive gambling. It is more important that such games deal with them and accordingly question their gaming behavior reflectively.

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