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How a Software Development Company Can Benefit from a Call Handling Service

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If the truth be known, there are only a handful of businesses that could not benefit from a telephone answering service. If you can be contacted through phone, then you have a need for call answering. This might be something the small business owner handles, as he or she juggles various roles to keep things moving along, or for a larger enterprise, directly employing a qualified receptionist is an option, albeit an expensive one. If we look at a software development company, for example, there are several ways a call handling provider can help.

Keeping the Team Connected

Obviously, both front and back-end developers need regular dialogue and the message taking service that most telephone answering service companies offer ensures that everyone is on the same page. If the team runs a cloud-based calendar, a virtual receptionist could have access and keep things updated. Any important messages can instantly be relayed to other team members and with a choice of delivery platforms like SMS, email or a phone call, all of your employees will always be fully updated.

General Enquiries

When you factor in the cost of directly employing someone to answer the phones, it becomes impractical, yet people do call, and while many enquiries will come via the company website, there are still many people who prefer the phone as a means of enquiry in a business environment. Some software companies are partnerships and while they are always happy to answer the telephone, it isn’t always possible and you might just miss a very important call, which could come at any time.

While on the subject of call answering, there is an excellent online guide on answering the phone in a business environment, which has some useful tips.

Promoting Your Products

Every software developer would have a suite of programs and applications that are designed for business or private users and when people call to make enquiries about any of their products, it is essential that the receptionist is knowledgeable about all the company’s products. The call handling provider would have many qualified receptionists who would be fully-briefed on the client’s business and are more than capable of giving out the right information to a caller.

Holding the Fort

Small businesses rely heavily on just a few key staff and without a regular receptionist, incoming calls are handled by whoever happens to be in the room at the time. This system is somewhat chaotic and while the company will manage to get by, you are not really projecting the right image. For a start, you would have absolutely no idea how many unanswered calls there have been and while some people will make initial contact with an online form, the vast majority have questions and they would rather speak to a person when making an enquiry.

It doesn’t cost a lot to have a professional receptionist manning your telephones and the many benefits make for a very attractive proposition. The Internet provides the platform for total global connectivity and today’s call handling provider has all the answers at an affordable price.

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