Tips for Working With Temps and Temp Agencies

Temporary workers are the best people to hire if you have a budget that is too low to hire a permanent employee on a full salary. Each area has its own set of temp agencies with individuals who can be hired for various jobs. However, you need to hire the right people to save costs effectively. Below are a few tips for using and selecting the ideal temp agency to fulfill your needs.

Tips for Working With Temps and Temp Agencies 1

  1. Assess Costs- Ensure that hiring a temp for the job at hand does not work out to be more expensive than hiring a full-time employee. This could only happen if the temp agency charges high fees per hour and the costs of paying the individual. Make sure you calculate all the costs and compare them with a full-time employee’s costs before hiring someone from a temp agency. Also, try to gauge whether you can hire someone for a temp position that can be gradually converted into a full-time job.
  2. Select the Right Temp Agency- Try working with multiple temp agencies before choosing one particular agency. When you invite temps from different agencies, you can get an idea of the work etiquette that the agency propagates. Find an agency that screens employees for drugs and previous convictions to safeguard yourself and your company from harm.
  3. Integrate the Temps into your workplace- The best way to ensure that you constantly have good temps to work with is by ensuring they are well integrated into the workplace. One way to do this would be to assign mentors from your company to the temps that come in. This will ensure they are always at ease and regularly address questions or doubts. Keeping your temps happy ensures they contribute to their maximum potential in the workplace. Ensure that they are integrated into the company culture and feel like part of the family.
  4. Do the Proper Paperwork- Stringent rules protect employees from being exploited by their employers to ensure that temp employees cannot sue your company. Keep a proper paper record of all hires and descriptions of the wages and working hours. This will prove that you can present when you are called out.

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