Becoming a Blogger Is Simple and Fun

Do you read blogs and want your blog to express your thoughts? Let me tell you a secret: it does not require much knowledge about coding or internet material. The process of how to blog is extremely easy for beginners. Did I tell you that you can earn money from blogging? Some people make a living off blogging: Darren Rowse, founder of ProBlogger, the blog for a living. is ranked 6 in Google rank and 1822 in Alexa Rank. Darren is properly making a six-figure income from all his blogs. Maybe you won’t make a living off blogging your first month, but it’s a possibility you can quit your job and blog once you get things going—enough chit-chatting. Let’s get started.


Website Content Content for websites is significant in blogging. The first step is to do homework and find things you want to write about. It’s highly suggested to blog about what you know best and your passion. You will be writing a lot, so if you are passionate about something, it will be easier for you to generate ideas and have the motivation to write.

Domain Name: After you know what you will write about, think of a domain name. The domain is what people type in the browser to go to your site. When figuring out your domain name, think of the long run. You will not be able to change it without losing readers. Avoid slang and words that are hard to spell so your reader can return to your blog without difficulty remembering and spelling your domain.


Technical This would properly be the part most bloggers dislike. I know I do, for sure. Okay, first, let’s purchase your domain and hosting service. I recommend GoDaddy for the environment and their hosting service as well. GoDaddy is well known for its domain service. It’s good to purchase a domain and hosting service from one company to keep everything in one place. You will then have to wait for them to set up your domain and host. The maximum time I had to wait was 24 hours. While on hold, you can research what blogging software to use.

I recommend you use WordPress. It’s carefully thought out and easy to use and tweak. You don’t have to worry about installing it using the GoDaddy service. They should already have it for you to use. After installing your domain, host, and blogging software, you need to find a theme for your website. Make it appealing and attractive to visitors. There are tons of free templates for WordPress. Just research and find the music that you prefer. You may also think about tweaking it to be different from other bloggers. Stand out from the crowd will win you traffic.

Sign up for Advertisement After your domain and host are set up, you should sign up for Advertisement. Google AdSense is a well-known advertisement program. Chitika is also a respectful advertisement company that I use. It displays ads that your visitor searched before, so it will better chance your visitor clicking on your ads. Many advertisement companies are out there, but make sure you research them before signing up to avoid scams. Once you build a well-known blog with thousands of visitors daily, you can sell ad space on your blog.

Sign up for Statistic Service. It’s best to have data and information about how many visitors you get a day/month, page views, how long people stay on your website, etc. Google Analytics is a free service you can use. They update your data daily so you can see your top content, what people are searching to get to your blog, referring URLs, and much more. Site Meter is another company to consider. It displays your information to the public to attract advertisers.

Write and Write Now, where you show other people your work. Becoming a successful blogger is about writing quality content. The more content you write, the faster your blog will grow. This will help you attract more readers and build your Google page rank. Set a goal so it will be easier for you to achieve it. 2-4 daily posts would be excellent, but 1-2 seats are fine if you can’t. A big key is you must write quality content.

You can’t write a 100-word article just babbling and expect to be successful. You must do your research and create content with information that visitors will enjoy reading. The length of an essay is not important if you can provide great information in 100 words! Include pictures in your report to attract visitor attention. Besides the quality of the content, the layout is also important. Make sure you design your content easily and appealingly. Include headings and split up your article into paragraphs. These are simple things, but they can help you attract readers.

Submit Your Article to Other Sources After you publish your article, submit your report to article directories and social media websites. This is called a backlink. Building many backlinks will help you grow in Google’s page rank and increase traffic. Below is a list of directories and websites you should consider submitting your article. It’s highly suggested that you expand your network by going to another high-rank webpage and tingsubmitting your report because it will attract more readers to your blog.

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