Laundry Bag – What to Pack When Traveling in a Car

As a mom who travels with her family on long road trips, I’m constantly searching for ways to pack light and travel efficiently. I found this article by Michaela Siegel, which has great tips for packing a laundry bag. We’ve been doing this for years, and it can be pretty handy, especially when traveling. I used a laundry bag for the first time last month while vacationing and was surprised at how much space I had to put things in. I’m traveling in a caravan with my family and’d like to pack light, but I don’t want to be stuck with heavy laundry bags in the back of my car.’

I’ve been looking into using these awesome laundry bag carriers for our family’s dirty clothes, but they’re a bit pricey. So instead, I found some awesome alternatives that are much cheaper! I will show you how to pack your laundry bags in the backseat of your car to keep them out of the way while still keeping everything clean and organized.

Laundry bag? Do you mean like the kind you buy at the store? Yeah, that’s what I thought too! And then I learned that they don’t make them anymore. Not even on Amazon. You would think laundry bags are for laundry, so why would you need them when traveling?

Laundry Bag

How to use a laundry bag

I’m always looking for ways to save space and time. While talking about traveling in a car, I thought I would share the tips and tricks I have learned over the years. Our car is our home when we travel, so every inch of the area is important. I’ve learned a few tricks that may help you, too.

My family is always traveling in a caravan. It’s the easiest way to ensure everyone has a seat and can fit comfortably, and it’s also easy to see if anything is broken or missing. We all have different things we need to bring along, so I thought I’d share what we’ve learned over the years.

What to pack in a laundry bag

I’m traveling in a caravan with my family, and I’d like to pack light, but I don’t want to be stuck with heavy laundry bags in the back of my car.

I’ve got a laundry bag, but it’s a mess.

I’ve got a laundry bag, but it’s too small.

I’ve got a laundry bag that doesn’t hold enough clothes.

The solution? Laundry bags with multiple compartments.

What NOT to pack in a laundry bag

While laundry bags are convenient for transporting items from the wash to the dryer, they can be incredibly heavy and bulky. Here are a few things to avoid packing in your laundry bags if traveling in a caravan.


A laundry bag can easily weigh 20 pounds, so limit the number of items you pack. Your toiletries should be packed separately in a travel-size shampoo bottle.


If you’re going on a multi-day trip, you can use your laundry bag to store extra clothes. Try only to bring clean clothes, and you’ll minimize the weight of your laundry bag.

Books and Magazines

Laundry bags can be a great way to bring books, magazines, and other reading materials on long road trips.

What to pack for a night away

We usually stay in campsites and RVs when I travel with my family.

I pack my laundry bag when I travel, and I’ve never had a problem. I pack a couple of travel-size detergent packs, a small container of bleach, a small bottle of sodium bicarbonate, a small container of laundry soap, and a small container of wash-up liquid. I put them all into one laundry bag that fits in my trunk and can easily fit in the back of my car.

What to consider when choosing a laundry bag

Packing your laundry bag is one of the most important things you can do on a road trip. You’re bound to drop or spill something, and having a sturdy laundry bag that won’t break is essential.

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a laundry bag:

Sturdy construction

You want a bag that will hold up to heavy laundry and not rip or tear easily. Look for a bag with thick plastic handles reinforced with metal.


Look for a bag that can withstand bumps and bruises on the road. Avoid bags that look delicate.

Laundry capacity

If you plan on carrying dirty laundry, look for a bag that can hold a large load. If you’re traveling with kids, look for a bag that can have a ton of toys.


Look for a bag that’s easy to store. A mesh laundry bag is great for storing dirty clothes and keeping them dry.


A large laundry bag will be easier to transport and won’t take up much room in your car. A smaller bag is also easier to carry.

Frequently Asked Questions Laundry Bag

Q: What is your favorite laundry bag brand?

A: I like the new Laundry Bag brand. They make very good ones.

Q: How much do they cost?

A: They cost $40-$50. They are very durable and come in two bags.

Q: What type of laundry bags should I buy?

A: Laundry bags are designed specifically for traveling. They are a necessity, not an option.

Q: Do you need a separate suitcase for packing clothes, or can you fill them all in the laundry bag?

A: You should only pack what fits in the laundry bag. If it doesn’t work, you must leave it behind.

Top Myths About Laundry Bags

1. Always pack your clean clothes.

2. Avoid using plastic bags when packing laundry.

3. Always put your dirty clothes in plastic bags and tie them closed.


Traveling in a car is one of the most exciting experiences. People around the world surround you, and you see a new place daily. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when traveling in a car. One of the most important things you must consider is packing for your trip. You can load many things in a backpack, but sometimes deciding what to pack can be difficult. Packing for a road trip in a car can be different than packing for a train ride or plane flight. There are a few things that you should fill in a vehicle.

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