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Top 5 Internet Business Myths Debunked!

Many people have false expectations when they jump on the bandwagon to start their internet home business. When they cannot attain those results, they throw in the towel, which is the main reason why 95% of internet home business owners never make it big. How can you improve the odds of your home business success? These debunked internet myths will help you set your feet on the right track:

Myth 1: Internet Business Is A Get Rich Quick Scheme

This is the undisputed no.1 myth associated with the internet business. With the plethora of online advertisements promising fast bucks like “Earn $10K within your first month” and “Make $1K a day”, it is no wonder why internet home business has earned such a reputation. Now, would you expect anyone to advertise in this manner: “This is a rough business, you have little chance to make it, but buy my product anyway for $47.00 even though the odds are against you?”

While it is not impossible to achieve phenomenal success in the internet business, those who make it big in a short duration are an exception to the norm. They have all paid the price investing in the time, experience, building customers’ trust and contacts, and who would have known all the hard work and toil they have put in? Success looks glamorous, but they come with a price tag.


Myth 2: Internet Business Is Easier Than Offline Business

In any business, you cannot run away from the aspects of setting up the business and marketing it. Internet home business is just a different way of doing things. Whereas in traditional offline business, you need to rent a space for your business and market it using pamphlets and media(television, radio, etc.). In an online business, you need a domain and hosting plan and market your business using online social media. In short, with an internet home business, you harness technology to do the hard work for you.

Please bear in mind that internet business is not a 9-5 job. Some people can get away with 9-5 jobs without doing anything (and they still earn their salary!). However, in the internet home business, you reap what you sow. When you sow seeds of diligence and perseverance, success will come knocking. If you have always yearned to be your own boss and earning your potential while being there for your family, look no further than the internet home business!

Myth 3: Starting An Internet Business Is Easy-Peasy

It is indeed easy to start an internet business but run a profitable business; one pays off the bills; there is more than meets the eye. The greatest challenge would be to find the right information and to act on it. Many have been overwhelmed by the sheer information found online until they do not know where and how to start.

There are countless ways to make money online, but how do you know which ones will work for you? Who should you turn to for help when you find yourself running in circles? If there is one piece of advice I can offer, it is this: Develop a passion for learning, and you will never cease to grow. Learn from those who have attained internet business success, those who have been there, and done that. Learn from their experiences. After all, you don’t have all the time in the world to make the same mistakes.

Myth 4: I Don’t Have To Spend Any Money To Start My Internet Business

Please bear in mind that the internet home business is a business, not a job. You are not guaranteed income at the end of the month. However, if you are willing to work like a horse for an employer, why not slog it off for your own business? After all, a business is an investment that will pay off handsomely–if you manage it well.

Any business requires start-up costs, and the great thing about Internet home business is that the start-up costs are very minimal compared to a brick and mortar store. No wonder wealth guru Robert Kiyosaki highly recommends network marketing home business as the best way for an individual to become a successful home business owner.

Myth 5: I Can Quit My Job And Live Happily Ever After

Unless you have savings to sustain you for the next one year or so, don’t fire your boss just yet. As with anything else in life, your business needs time to grow. Too many people quit their internet home business in the initial stages because they either run out of money or energy or both.

Minimize your risk by working on your internet business part-time while maintaining a full-time job. You will be spared the headache of having to pay your bills on time, especially in the initial months of starting your business. However, if you don’t have an income and this is a “do or die” thing, don’t give up! When you have your back hard pressed against the wall, your determination (and desperation) can be your greatest asset. This has been the reality of many success stories.

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