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Joseph Yazdi – Which Careers Will Earn You The Biggest Bucks?

There is a number of different things that many of us would love to gain from our careers, some want fame, some power, others want glory whereas many simply want satisfaction. One of the most popular goals from people who are electing careers is a high salary and a healthy income from their chosen career. If this is something that you want to achieve in your career then here are some of the career paths which you could go down in order to make the big bucks.


Doctors are one of the highest earning professions in the whole of the United States and in all honesty, they deserve ever cent which they receive. Not only do doctors like Jospeh Yazdi need to study incredibly hard to reach their position and actually gain a license to practice medicine, they also hold life in death in their hands on a daily basis. A doctors life is one of high pressure and constant study and it is for these reasons why a doctor receives such a handsome wage. For doctors who want to earn even more money, a specialism is required and many doctors who go on to become specialist surgeons or specialists in various branches of medicine, generally command even higher salaries.

Chief Executive Officer

Each year Forbes magazine publishes a list of the wealthiest people in the World and the large majority of those residing in the top 100 are CEOs of huge international companies. Whether it is your own business which you decide to head up or if you plan on working your way up through the ladder of a company until you reach the top, as CEO you will be able to earn an eye watering salary if you are good at your job and working in the right company. The role of CEO is far from easy, not only will you be required to work incredibly hard to reach the top but once there you will face a daily challenge to make important decisions and lead the company to success.




Much like a doctor, in order to reach the position of a lawyer and be able to legally practice the upholding of the law, you will need to study incredible hard and for many years. Once you begin to practice law you will see your annual salary steadily rise to an incredible amount as your career progresses. The lawyers who earn the biggest bucks are those who specialize in a particular branch of the law or those who have their own law firms. High profile lawyers are the biggest earners and they reach this position through a combination of results and contacts. In order to gain this position where you will be representing high profile individuals, you need to be a proven winner in the courtroom and a schmoozer outside of it, do this and you will be on to make a mint from upholding justice.

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