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Top 3 Jobs That Use Data Analysis

Big data is here to stay, and people contribute to it more than they realize. You contribute to big data every day. Whether it’s the music you listen to online while you work or study, or the movie you streamed last night, or the online shopping you did the other day, your information is collected and put to use. This is one reason why a new vocation has emerged, the data scientist, and the demand for these analysts is growing in the United States and throughout the world. Here are three top positions that use data analysis in their vocation, even though they didn’t a decade ago.

Top 3 Jobs That Use Data Analysis 1

1. Supervisors and Managers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Managers who work with big data are known as chief data officers or chief information officers.” Still, they aren’t the only ones who use data in their daily jobs. These chiefs are the ones who harness the customer and/or employee data for the company. Still, this information is filtered down to the big bosses and other supervisory and management teams. The information is used for any number of things, including human resources and marketing. It is also used for crucial security policies, such as how big data will be implemented into a business’ operations and how it will be used in conjunction with its customers. An example of this is the user policy you agree to when you download a new app or software or join a social media or website service. These agreements detail how your data, which is collected, is used by the developer or company.

2. Teachers

Computer science teachers use big data in their curriculum. These programs are designed to educate students looking to work in this ever-growing field. More data analyst jobs in Seattle listings hit the online and offline media every day, and these jobs are not limited to The Emerald City. Educators realize the growing demand for data analysis throughout the States, Europe, and Asia, which is why they have taken a cue from career projections and begun offering data analysis courses to increase employment viability. As the workforce demands change globally, education must change to prepare students for their future careers. How do teachers know which career trends to follow? Big data, of course. Workforce statistics prove invaluable in designing a curriculum that helps prepare younger generations for their entry into adulthood and self-sufficiency.

3. Software Developers

This career doesn’t show signs of slowing down, and software developers harness big data every day to help them create programs people cannot live without – literally and figuratively speaking. The literal statement in the healthcare industry, which is hiring big data analysts to help software developers create programs that save people’s lives. Figuratively speaking, it is all the rest. Sure, you might think you cannot live without that next big game or virtual reality experience, but you can. Nonetheless, software developers take consumer data and use it for all purposes, including UX design, which is your experience. An example of this is Pokémon Go. Nintendo created a virtual reality that caused a global addiction. Software developers can take the user data and use it to create the next big thing.

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