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Los Angeles: 5 Reasons To Go

Even though it is the nation’s second largest metropolis, you may not have Los Angeles on your bucket list for places to visit on a road trip. Perhaps you feel there is a lack of outdoor activities or that it will be too expensive. Well think again. LA is absolutely brimming with possibilities for the traveler, including many outdoor activities, unbelievable sights, and dozens of entertainment and dining possibilities. Each year many thousands of travelers make their way to LA, so check out the below top five reasons to visit the City of Angels and make this a destination for your next RV rental journey.

The Weather

As a subtropical region, Southern California has the advantage of year-round mild weather. As a traveler, if you are looking for warm conditions during the dead of winter, you can find them in Los Angeles. This makes LA perfect for travel at any time of the year. During the summers it is hot and dry, and during the winters it is generally mild and temperate. Overall LA is known as a warm oasis with abundant golden sunshine and you can take advantage of this during any season.



 The Sights

When it comes to aesthetics, there really is no place like LA anywhere in the country. The sheer amount of famous sights is too numerous to list, but the main things to see would be the famous Hollywood sign, the Pacific Ocean which can be seen along the Western neighborhoods of Los Angeles from Venice to Santa Monica to Malibu, the gorgeous Hollywood Hills neighborhood, the crowded and lively Sunset Strip, and tourist destinations such as the Walk of Fame. You really won’t find a metropolis with as much famous sights as you will in LA.


As the heart of the entertainment industry, you can be certain that on any given day or night there will be a plethora of various forms of entertainment on offer in this town. If you’re a sports fan you have the Lakers, Clippers, Rams, Dodgers and more on offer. As a music fan you have a plethora of venues from small clubs to large stadiums like the legendary Hollywood Bowl where everyone from international touring acts to local up and coming bands take the stage. As you could imagine, the theatre options are also on point in LA, as are a number of other various forms of entertainment all over the city. It goes without saying that you will never be bored in LA.

Outdoor Activities

Unlike many major cities, Los Angeles boasts a wide range of outdoor activities that can be had within city limits. There is a thriving hiking scene in the city, where citizens take advantage of the various massive parks such as Griffith Park and the wide range of canyons trails on the east side to take a break from the grind and head out on a nice hike. It is amazing that you can be in downtown urban LA one moment and within a 20-minute drive can be on a nature trail away from the traffic and concrete. This mix of urban scenery and natural setting has long been a major drawing point for road trippers. This means you can use your RV rental as a base to go back and forth between the urban comforts and natural draws that co-exist here like nowhere else.

Due to the large amount of outdoor spaces, there are a number of different activities one can take up within LA proper. On the beaches there is ample surfing, body boarding, swimming, and paddle boarding. Aside from the hiking opportunities, there is also mountain biking, canoeing, and even fishing to be had in the parks and canyons of LA. It would be tough to find a major metropolis with as much outdoors-related activities as in LA, so make sure to take advantage of some of them on your trip.

The Food

No matter what type of food you may be in the mood for, LA has plenty to offer for any taste. This city has long been known as one of the top places for Mexican food in the nation, and one visit to one of the many taco trucks lining the streets will work to prove this. There is a thriving food truck scene in the city as well, so make sure to do your research and find which trucks are hot in the neighborhood you are staying in. For those looking for fine dining, you would be amazed by the sheer number of trendy and delicious restaurants on offer in any given neighborhood in LA. Whatever cuisine you may be after, it can be found in many different variations on any night of the week.

See why thousands love traveling to LA and steer your RV rental westward for your next trip. You certainly won’t regret it. If you haven’t decided yet where to get an RV rental Los Angeles has a number of reliable companies you can check out, too. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this road trip started!

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