5 Types of Moving Services

Moving can be pretty hectic, stressful, and demanding if planned wrong. But create the right schedule for your relocation and hire a professional crew to help you at every level of the process. You can be sure to move easily and fast without any unnecessary problems. Before you get down to moving and taking any action, call a moving company and hire a team of helpers. While many people understand the basics of hiring reliable movers, they frequently forget that there are five main types of these companies, and to get the best result, one needs to hire proper movers. Below we created short descriptions of each mover services if relocating inside the city or province. Many local movers also have a different condition, defining a local move – the distance in general. A local move is a relocation within 100 miles of the mover’s location and your home.


2. Long-Distance Movers. As mentioned above, these companies operate within the province but exceed the set distance. Long-distance movers can also be divided into full- and self-service movers.

Full-service movers offer all packages of the available services, meaning you only pay money while doing the dirty job. Your crew will pack, load, unload, and deliver all your belongings without your help.

Self-service movers offer only some services, such as renting a truck or packing everything. In a self-service move, you will have to do at least something, and only after you complete your part of the job the movers will step in.

3. Interstate movers can help you relocate from one province to another. For this type of movers in Calgary, distance alone does not matter because, most frequently, they will charge you based on the weight of your belongings and the length. And this kind of mover service can also be self-service or fill service options.

4. International movers are pretty easy to describe because they help relocate from one country to another. In this case, it is imperative to cooperate with exactly international movers because only professionals will give you useful advice about the custom and laws of transporting your belongings.

5. Small movers include relocations from one apartment or dorm to another with your belongings’ weight of less than 1000 kg. According to movers in Okotoks, most frequently, companies helping people with small relocations charge their clients based on distance and even time (hourly rate).

We hope these simple and short descriptions will help you determine which mover you need to choose for your moving process to eliminate the move’s cost, the efforts, and the nerves spent on the relocation.

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