5 Tips to Keep a Child Occupied

A calm child staying at home is a rare view. Most of them get easily distracted and find it extremely difficult to focus on a single thing for a longer period of time. That’s why most parents are unable to maintain tranquillity at home when children are playing around. The real problem occurs if you work at home. It usually requires relative calmness to concentrate on a given task. If you have such a problem, then I’ll try to help you. In this article, you’ll find five ingenious activities that help to keep your overactive child busy for some time.

Print coloring pages

How about a little shopping? But don’t worry, I don’t mean anything expensive. Just some nice coloring books plus a set of crayons or pencils. Present it to your child and ask him to color anything he likes. Just try to find pictures interesting for your kid. For example, if he likes dinosaurs, you can easily find beautiful coloring pages with dinosaurs online. Coloring pages have many more benefits than just keeping a child busy. They substantially promote mental development and some manual skills. All this will pay off when a child starts learning at school. Coloring has a calming effect and can easily engage for long hours.


Time for the TV

Yes, it’s a commonly known fact that too much television isn’t good. On the other hand, watching valuable educative programs can positively affect the child and keep him occupied for some time. This way, you have the time available for other important tasks to complete. A child can really learn many interesting things via the TV. It’s a good way to show him animals and fascinating places all around the world without having to leave your sofa. It’s a good idea to activate parental guidance available in modern TVs. This way, a child has access only to programs suitable for his age. And please make sure that he doesn’t sit too close to the screen. It’s not healthy for the eyes.

Invite friend

Kids usually love to socialize, and the company of other kids can be beneficial. In this way, the child won’t focus its attention on you but other children. Try to match children of the same age group. It will be easier for them to be friends. One option is to invite little companions to your house. Or you can take your kid to the house of a cousin or friend. Just make sure that the other parent has nothing against such an arrangement. At the earliest opportunity, you can repay the favor the same way. An additional benefit is that playing with peers broadens the general knowledge level and enhances a child’s imagination.

Sort that out

Children can eagerly engage in astonishing tasks. You have to suggest them. How about sorting? Sorting requires constantly think, be focused, and accurate. And this is a good way to raise a smarter kid. So how to start sorting? Just give a child any group of objects and ask to categorize them. For example, it can be a carton filled with various toys, and a task for a child is to sort them into groups (cars in one group, figures in another, and so on). It really works and can keep a kid preoccupied for a long time organizing them.

Play with water

Most children love playing with water. At-home access to water is effortless, so why not use it? You really don’t have to have a fancy swimming pool with great water slides. A simple water sink will also do. Just sit a child on a chair, run water into the sink and throw some toys inside. You may be surprised, but it really can keep a child very engaged and occupied for a long, long time. You can additionally make some bubbles in the water, and your kid will be ecstatic! This idea will be a good choice for moms who want to keep a child close to them.


I hope you like some of the ideas mentioned above. They are pretty simple but can keep your child busy for a substantial period of time. They also don’t require a lot of money to spend so that you can keep your child preoccupied at almost no cost. Good luck!

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