Top 10 Sites Every Student Must Know

Being a student in today’s connected world means having plenty of resources at your disposal. The internet is filled with tools and resources you can use to make studying, getting course assignments done, and preparing for exams a lot easier.

The fact that top universities now offer online courses makes it even better. You can pursue a degree and pick up new skills along the way by studying entirely online. Online courses offer maximum flexibility and convenience, all while bringing value.


Some sites are essentially made for students and those who want to learn new things. Which sites should you use to make studying easier? Here are the top 10 sites every student must know – and try – for an easier and more enjoyable learning experience.

Many websites offer short courses on a wide range of topics, but it is hard to deny that is one of the best. This site is full of courses on various subjects, and they are all available for free to everyone.

You can pick up skills that will make you a better student on, including time management and specific skills, such as coding. You can use the short courses here to help you prepare for your Six Sigma degree as well.

As the name suggests, this is a site filled with recipes written for students. If you ever find yourself not knowing what to eat, browsing through the recipes on this site helps. All of the recipes are easy to follow, so you don’t have to be a cooking guru to cook your own meal.

You can also use the search tool to find recipes that use a particular set of ingredients, ingredients that you already have. If you are thinking about eating healthily, StudentRecipes has a section about healthy eating too.

We really can’t talk about sites that are great for students without talking about Instructables. The DIY site is jam-packed with DIY projects to try. You can find instructions on making your own Arduino robot for more recipes to try in the kitchen.

Instructables also host some projects that will improve your quality of life. The Living category is where you can find hacks and tweaks that can be implemented around the dorm or house. There are outdoor tips and DIY crafts for when you want to take some time off.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an invaluable resource to use as a student. When studying for the aforementioned Six Sigma degree, you can use Google Scholar to find relevant papers and materials to consume. In fact, you can use Google Scholar to find resources for course assignments.

Unlike the traditional Google search, Google Scholar focuses more on books, papers, and other materials suitable for students. You can cite theories or data directly from the search result. You also get the same powerful search algorithm found on


One of your responsibilities as a student is managing your own personal finance. There is no room for unnecessary expenses and bad purchases in the budget of most students. Saving becomes a goal, and you always look for better ways to save.

StudentRate understands this struggle and offers you access to deals on clothes, textbooks, and so much more. You can find information on gadget deals and even discounts for meals. The site lists some of the best travel deals for students; going on a trip doesn’t have to break the bank at all.


Speaking of saving money and working on a budget, every student needs a good money management tool. Mint is one of the best on the market right now, thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. You don’t have to use complicated journals to keep track of your expenses.

Don’t get me wrong; Mint has some advanced features up its sleeves, but those advanced features don’t disrupt the smooth user experience this solution brings. There are mobile apps to help keep your expenses recorded and managed properly.


Koofers was actually one of my favorite sites to use. It is a site that focuses on flashcards, offering tools and resources that will help you prepare for exams better. The site goes a step further and adds additional resources for students to use, including internship information.

Interestingly, Koofers also hosts an extensive database of professors and lecturers. Students can rate their lecturers and leave reviews. This certainly makes preparing for an upcoming class easier since you can always look your professor up.


You don’t have to study alone all the time. In fact, you shouldn’t. Even online learning platforms offer access to fellow students and lecturers, signifying the importance of working together as you try to complete the course of your choice.

OpenStudy is a platform that understands the importance of working together. It is a community of students that you can always access online. After signing up for an account, you can join study groups and communities of students and get help with studying.


Long books and complex papers are students’ best friends, but they can be pretty tiring after a while. Audible is the perfect getaway for students who want to take a break from reading. The site offers access to the best audiobooks from different categories.

Audible now has more than 150,000 audiobooks to choose from. You can listen to that novel you have always wanted to finish while commuting to the university or at the end of your study session. You will be able to consume more books without actually reading them.


Last but not least, you have SugarSync making sure that all of your devices are synchronized. This cloud storage solution works with virtually every device on the market, and it works brilliantly in synchronizing certain folders across multiple devices.

SugarSync completes our list of sites every student must know. These resources certainly make life as a student a lot easier. Whether you are studying for a business degree or pursuing a Six Sigma degree, use the sites reviewed in this article to study more effectively.

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