Important Preparation Tips For CBSE Board Exams

Exams are the turning point for all the students in their academic life. These exams may be either school finals or board and other competitive exams for their higher studies. Overall, exam plays an important role in every student’s life. This is the stage where both parents and teachers can judge the student’s performance level and their talents that they have learned in their school curriculum.

The central board of secondary education – CBSE is the standard board of education in India. There are many schools affiliated with the CBSE board all over India, both in central and state governments. Among all exams, the CBSE board exams are considered the most important and toughest exam for students. Among them, few students feel nervous during their exam preparations with the fear of the large syllabus and lack of time.

CBSE Board

Here are some important preparation tips for CBSE board exams, where students can follow to reduce their exam stress and to perform best in their class.

  1. Study according to study plan to complete the syllabus on time and to avoid last-minute exam stress.
  2. Maintain proper notes by referring to more books, educational websites, and other study materials, including NCERT Solutions for Class 10 and NCERT textbooks for the respective subjects.
  3. Never forget to refer lecturer’s notes and other important points discussed in the class sessions.
  4. Practice more questions from the class 10 NCERT exemplar as this book contains some important questions which can directly be asked in the board exams.
  5. Study regularly, stay focused on studies and be regular to the class sessions.
  6. Stay away from all sorts of distractions, avoid hanging out with friends for a long time and switch off all your mobile phones and systems.
  7. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths, including the examples. These books have clear and detailed explanations for all the topics.
  8. Besides preparations, health is also important. Therefore, stay healthy by having at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep and having a healthy balanced diet.
  9. Practice more sample and previous year question papers. By doing this, students can improve their time management skills, learn more about the course, and know about the current question paper pattern.
  10. Never skip or postpone the topics until the day of the exam, as these may cause panic attacks and increases the tension during the exams.

These were some important and easy preparation tips for the CBSE board exams. As this is the crucial stage of every student life, they should be aware of their syllabus, exam dates and complete all the preparations a week before their exams to have sufficient time for their revisions.

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