Ways to make money while playing online games

If you have reached this site, you might be searching to earn money through online video games. It seems to be unreal, but it is possible. I am here to share a method and self-experience with you. Let’s have a look:

Video Games Tournaments

Video games are played in communities nowadays. It is trending and active in the gaming world. When it comes to a word game, it leads toward competition. And competition tends to be big Tournaments. At the end of the Tournament, prizes are awarded. It is a great methodology to earn income from the Tournament.


One example is Old School RuneScape. OSRS is an online game that allows multiple players to play simultaneously. I have played it numerous times, but the thrust for it is not finished yet. Its gameplay is exciting. I used to play a single game because it gave me fun. The input is controlled using the pointer, joystick, or click. Prefer the mouse rather than another input device. I interact with the objects, NPCs, and other obstacles by left-click devices. Although there are many options to interact with the things, I right-click on the menu if I have to select the object.

The OSRS became a more earnable app when I became a member. The membership gave me access to all the content, which I greatly enjoyed. My favorite thing about this game is the game’s economics, where I can interact with the other players and shopkeepers with OSRS GP’s help. This is the best part that made me feel like a real world where people trade. It also includes other combat skills. There are two other modes in the OSRS online game: Ironman Mode and Deadman Mode.

OSRS Ironman Mode

In OSRS Ironman mode, the Player has no economic interaction with other social and other players. It means the stock exchange or Grand exchange option is disabled in this mode. When I played in OSRS Ironman mode, I completed it in self-sufficient.

When I played in this mode for the first time, I discovered its history over the internet, and then I learned that it was introduced in October 2014. At the time, it was considered the toughest game to play. They have little chance to be explored because items are limited and insufficient to beat the high-level bosses. No doubt that this mode has limited chat features, but it can be played easily with the single-player mode with a high experience level. Always remember my advice if you want to explore this game in this mode. Always play this game solo and explore it as much as possible; don’t allow any other player to interrupt you. If you do so, then it will make you lose.

OSRS Deadman Mode

The mostDeadman mode’s most amazing and interesting activity is taking a good experience rate list. All the things in this game are mapping the real world. In OSRS Deadman Mode, the Player is free-hand to do the economic sales and purchases. This mode was released on 29 October 2015. This mode allows looting of the item of the opponent player. I got the key after killing the person when I played in this mode. Using this key, I have looted all accounts of the opponent player and made myself self-sustaining.

As a player, I engaged the other players with my combat skills and got the skull icon. Through this skull icon, I came under attack from NPCs. Under NPC’s attack, whenever I try to enter the safe zone or safe cities, my holding keys will be visible to the other players, who will try to snatch them.

There is also a risk of death in this model. When I died here for the first time in this mode, I had lost a good part of my progress and the looted items. Plus, my overall grade points had also decreased to the lowest stat.

This mode was the grand prize winner of USD 20,000 in the “Deadman Tournaments” in 2018.

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