Importance of Social Media in United Arab Emirates

Social media has become almost identical with the internet in the Middle East. Nearly more than 90% users use social media or messaging. This result is uninfluenced biased by nationality, gender, and age. Staying connected and regularly exploring Arab Culture, by almost 78% using social media or direct messaging at least once a day. Moreover, 69% use the internet daily with the intention of exploring the latest happenings and events from family and friends multiple times a day.

Nowadays the use of social media has beaten other activities on the web. People use social media more than they search for news or download videos. Therefore social media plays a vital role in establishing a social environment of any society.

In UAE, conventional means of communication depend on a direct form of contact based on values of humility. However, social media networks have now become a challenging alternative. Despite the fact that societies are deeply rooted in the UAE’s culture and culture, especially among the old generations, modern modes of communication are beginning to pressurize this culture, especially as it is widely popular among the youth.

The effect of social media is obvious in national, social and even religious events especially during weekends, Ramadan and other important occasions. The predictable ways of communication are finding it hard to compete with new technology, even in the exchange of greetings, and congratulatory messages. Faced with such a solid competition from new technology, predictable ways of communication are finding it hard to hold their ground and keep on relevant. Their influence is on the decline as people are switching to their mighty rival – the social media.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

With the advanced technology, everyone come together online via various platform in the social media at any time to share ideas, memories, promote or discuss something. Social media marketing (SMM) is an alternate way of online marketing that develops social networking channel as a promoting tool.



Social media marketing & optimization is the process of making sure the business’s online presence and getting traffic or attention via social media itself. Social media optimization (SMO) is the key components of SMM. It is an approach to gaining new and unique visitors to any website. It can be done by using two methods one is putting a social media links in content such as RSS feeds and sharing buttons and the second one is advertising activity via social media by posting tweets, images, status or blog.

Understand your Brand

Many Digital marketing companies in Dubai and all around the UAE want to be social but they don’t know how or they don’t have much time for their social media channels. The best practice to start your social media optimization is taking the time to learn about your business services or brand. Start deep research your competitor and current market trends. The more you learn, the better you optimize you social media channel by tweeting, liking sharing, commenting, and posting a blog to your business or brands. How will you do that? You can do that by posting interesting news, funny and amazing content that will definitely spread like wildfire and give your brand the exposure it deserves.

Benefits of social media

Easy and fast way to know your audience – For any business, the key to success is understanding your audience. Facebook insight in Hootsuite you can learn the different language spoken among your social media customers, and their age and gender as well. This can be helpful with your service and products offers to your customer that will give a better ROI.

It allows you to receive instant feedback from your customers – It gives you immediate access to positive or negative feedback. For example, if you launch a new service and share it on your social media platform, you will quickly understand what your customer think of it. You can also observe how they use your products and service.

Social Media Marketing

Enhance web traffic and better search ranking – one of the biggest advantages of having social media platform for your business is to boost your website traffic. Social media is not only helping you the direct customer to your site but also provide higher search ranking.

Build a meaningful relationship with clients through social media – it is a great platform for build strong relationship with your clients. For example, it allows tourism brands to make dialogue with travelers. So building a relationship with clients before, during and after they have booked a trip with the organization.

Increase brand awareness with less budget – Social media allows companies to enhance their brand value with nearly zero cost. Recently, the marketing company in Dubai has started hiring marketing managers to increase their brand value using social media in the different region.

Wrapping it up

By engaging in social media marketing, you can remain in endless engagement with your targeted clients and understand their priority and behavior thoroughly. Through social media, you can make your brand talk and listen to what your potential clients want.

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