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WordPress is open-ended web software used for the formation of billions of communities around the globe to generate beautiful websites and blogging sites. It is completely user-friendly. Just because it is a front-end to the backend program, that is why many coders hate WordPress. WordPress has lot many shortfalls because WordPress is just a simple platform for Blogging. However, with time, WP started car inventory, lead aggregator, e-commerce, etc. 100% perfection in all aspects has become a futile approach for WP. However, while focusing on a blogging platform, WP tried with the whole lot and ended up with nothing because of its enormous array. Though WP is the world’s most beautiful CMS, not everyone joins the CMS. WP ranks eighth out of the first fifteen Content Management Software tools.

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The security aspects of WP are pathetic.

Two of five WP are hacked because it is an open-ended source; any competent developer can download and visualize the code. This is how WP is vulnerable for the WP developers, as there are no easy, systemic resolutions other than to update WP. For the Script-Kiddie hackers, it is straightforward to use WP to upload malicious files that are potentially harmful, and the site is hacked.

One of the most beautiful vulnerabilities in WP is also understood and ascertained from its plugins. A recent survey has concluded most plugins are essential for developing a website. It caused security threats to the websites, and most WP sites fall under such vulnerabilities because plugins provide easy and quick access to the websites’ architecture. So, if you want to install WordPress, ensure your Website Title and tagline are ready.


Initially, WP was built with the supposition that the Website would operate on one server with one system file. With the advent of modern technology and hi-tech architecture, the WP depends on ‘File Transfer Protocol’ for updates. While updating the system through FTP, it becomes antiquated. The developer tries to resolve the workflow problems that involve resolution, typically through testing and integration before the system goes live. Sometimes, uploading the code directly into the system’s live environment possibly leaves laws with plenty of errors. At times, while operating the multi-node web cluster, updating all nodes separately is essential. Thus, an error occurs, and typical scrutiny is required.

WP’s data structure looks simple initially, but when resuming with the data structure in WP seems peculiar. WP provides resolutions to minimize the issues, but PHP requires its incumbency to fix the problem in a complicated system. Even though SQL editing data becomes easy tha, it is not part of WP.

In WP, there are custom menus, widgets, and template files, but all are in different places. From a coder’s perspective, going into four other areas to rectify a single page becomes tedious.

As WP is more of an open web-based source, that is why spamming has become possible in WP. If there is an error on the web page, the developer has to go to four different places to rectify it, and finding the source for rectification becomes very tough. There should be minimum login attempts because if we do not minimize, there is a chance of brute-force hacking.

Often, switching between different editor modes while site development is a major problem for the press to lose its credibility in the global arena. The hosting problem in WP plays a significant role in uploading the site or ensuring errors while going live. It hampers the site’s overall development as these sites are mostly used for commercial purposes. An Apache server creates many problems due to its frequently updating versions. However, I have found a way to get free hosting; you can try it for your initial start.

One of the most excellent problems in WordPress is updating the WP.

Updating WordPress Version regularly leads to complications and frustrations because the moment we want to stay updated, the plugins and themes associated with the earlier version cannot update with the new version; thus, the website breaks with no rectifications, and the developer gets a warning signal. It often happens when we install new plugins that do not match the themes and lead to too many errors. Moreover, other plugins show non-compatibility, and it becomes tougher to tackle the mistakes repeatedly. In WP, developers cannot edit templates per the site’s requirement to attract the browser. Many times, coders are lured by the fancy templates, which the coder cannot edit; the simple text in the models sustains the Website’s low scalability for the browsers. Even too much content slows the browsing process, and there lies a potential shift of customers to other companies’ websites, which leads to a loss of revenue.

At times, non-developers remain contended with WP because the WP software codes like a DIY website, persisting with CMS’s behavior. However, non-coders hardly know that themes and plugins are extra junk, which is equally malicious and turns the site ugly through bloated coding. When WP is bloated with coding, too many themes, versions, and plugins become highly inefficient for the user and the browser. The site becomes slow, and an error occurs when clicking on particular links. Such issues sluggish the page loading effect, and the site crashes. As WP, the software does the coding like the DYI website, so at times, an extra plugin, which is not harmonious with the theme, creates cluttered by overlapping codes to develop too many errors to detect the source of the real cause of mismatch of the theme and the plugin. For E-commerce, the WordPress platform is not the right platform because WP cannot hold too much content of the forum, and the site becomes very slow and tends to crash. The learning curve is sometimes not as intuitive as an Apple product; it is a little tricky for the newbies. It has opened several doors, such as Tumbler for simplifying the admin area for removing particular themes or functions that will put websites in static form.

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