Hey don’t give me that stare! Although we don’t generally speak about it, we all have a dream design of bathroom at least at the subconscious level. It is one of the most important parts of our home. It is the only space where we get to live in complete privacy despite the closeness of family members. So, yes, our bathrooms deserve a well-thought design implementation just like our living-room, kitchen or bedroom.

Assess Your Present and Future Needs – A bathroom is one of the most useful parts of a house that has no alternative. If you don’t have a dining space you can eat in your living room or bedroom but you can’t do your business in any place other than the bathroom. So, while designing your bathroom your first focus should be on usability. And, by usability, I don’t only mean your present use. Your bathroom should grow and adapt with you. So, keep in mind the universal design features of the bathroom that you can use even if you get old. Grab bars, wide-entrance, slip resistant floors are the most common feature of universal bathrooms.

Find design inspirations – If you don’t know what look you want your bathroom to have, then search designs for inspiration. You should know magazines are not only for knowing new hook-ups of celebrities and Google is not only for giving you diet tips. If you search, you’ll get bathroom design inspirations everywhere. Not only pictures and videos but you can also take inspirations from the real-life bathrooms of friends and relatives. Give a weekend trip to people in your social circle and make a note of things you want and you don’t want in your bathroom. This will also help you in creating your budget.

Choose the best available options – You already have a rough sketch of your bathroom in your mind. You know what you want and you also know what you don’t want. Now, it’s the time to bring your dream bathroom on the grounds of reality. You already know that keeping some easy-to-replace bathroom decors as an exception, the layout and materials of bathroom needs to last long. So, keep in mind the quality, as well as the look of the equipment, should be of the top-notch level. This article from Helpful Habitat will help you choose the trendiest and best toilets. Choose the materials that reflect your desired style, are easy to maintain and do not break your budget completely. However, you should stay ready to stretch your budget a little for the quality.



When you have finally gotten your bathroom necessities and accessories get them installed by good professionals. The finish given to the work by professionals will enhance the beauty of your bathroom.