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Simple Ways to Increase the Safety of Your Customers

As the owner of a retail establishment, you are responsible for the safety of every customer who steps foot on your property or walks through your doors. Any accidents that occur can leave you at the mercy of the court and fighting with your insurer to pay out after a lawsuit. While slips and falls are common, you can prevent those accidents as well as other types of accidents. You can look at simple ways that you can increase the overall safety of each and every customer today.

Use Signs

The number one reason why slips and falls occur is because people do not know that the floor is wet. When an employee mops the floor, you should put up a sign that lets others know the floor is wet. You can do the same thing when customers leave wet spots behind on a rainy day. It’s often helpful to point out those wet spots to customers as they enter and shop too. Some visitors may still fall because they do not notice those signs.

Install a Panic Button



Banks use panic buttons as a way to protect both bank employees as well as customers. If someone comes in and tries to rob the bank, the nearest employee can hit the panic button, which sends a silent alarm to the local police station and notifies them of a robbery in progress. You can install a panic button of your own that sends an alert to managers working in the back office or to the police department. The best place to install a panic button is usually in a central location that workers can hit without anyone noticing.

Paint the Parking Lot

Painting your parking lot can help keep your customers safe too. Companies like CJJ Services can use yellow paint and paint in other bright colors to alert customers of any potential problems. This lets them know where they can safely take their vehicles and which areas they should avoid. You can also use white paint as a way to indicate the entrance and exit to the parking lot. Many parking lots could benefit from paint added to speed bumps too, which keep drivers from damaging their vehicles when they drive over these bumps at a high speed.

Implement a Shirts and Shoes Policy

While you might think that every store in the world has a dress code policy, some stores let customers come in wearing anything they want. Implementing a policy that requires customers wear shoes and shirts can prevent some injuries. Those who do not wear shoes can stub their toes on shelving, scrape their legs on pieces of cleaning equipment and even break their toes on heavy objects. Having a policy means little if you do not enforce it though. Make sure that each employee understands the policy and that each worker will turn away customers who do not abide by it.

Slip and fall accidents cost companies millions of dollars each year. When you do not take steps to protect your customers, you risk lawsuits for other reasons too. The best ways to protect your customers is with ideas like a panic button that sends an alarm to the police station and proper markings in your parking lot.

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