Rule of Law Makes All Hispanics Suspect As Illegal Aliens

When sure politically influential people, liberal progressives ideologically against U.S. Constitutional requirements and constraints, pick out legal guidelines from the U.S. Code that they do not mainly like, refuse to obey them, and strongly inspire other rank-and-file residents to disobey them, a major hassle exists that the Honorable John Adams would have described as a count number desiring to be seriously dealt with by way of federal regulation enforcement. This is because John Adams and the other Constitutional Framers believed in regulation as the only foundation for social order within the new American republic, forged from the blood, sweat, and anguished tears of many American Patriots.


If one disagrees with existing regulation, he should obey and live the proper path even in search of changing it via congressional repeal or the Constitutional modification method. To ignore and disobey the law and steer others to ignore and disobey it are crimes that oppose social order and, as such, should carry the load of crook redress and punishment. As such, immigration regulation as it exists within the U.S. Code consists of criminal statutes legislated with the aid of plural Congresses and signed into law with the assistance of several distinctive U.S. Presidents for the duration of the 226-year records of the American Republic. These legal guidelines are not arbitrary and flippant in their summary of immigration coverage but unique in their statements and requirements regarding illegal immigration and the criminal cause of the laws making unlawful immigration against the law.

Previously, I have written several articles and essays about the treatment to be accorded to unlawful extraterrestrial beings presently residing inside the USA and have compared the ones, predominantly what it means to be Hispanic, people to shoplifters because the first offense of unlawful immigration dedicated by an overseas national is a federal misdemeanor, in line with the U.S. Immigration Code. The crime of shoplifting has been seen as either a federal or State misdemeanor, consistent with U.S. And State crook codes. Moreover, I have posed the issue and left it blowing in Bob Dillon’s wind, which is worse, shoplifting or unlawful immigration. In one article, I asked, “What do you say to an unlawful alien.” Well, I’m sure I know what almost everyone will say to shoplifters, mainly the traders and store owners who are victimized by their aid.

“You damn thieves! Put the merchandise back before I name the police officers!” If a shoplifter steals something and a store purchaser sees them doing it, there’s a ninety-seven percent possibility of that consumer reporting the theft to save management. This approach that almost every honest man or woman regards shoplifting as a terrible crime. So, what occurs for a shoplifter who commits an identical crime repeatedly? The shoplifter has always been arrested for a misdemeanor crime until the amount of the robbery exceeds the threshold for grand theft or if the shoplifter committed housebreaking using planning to shoplift earlier than getting into a specific keep. Yet, an unlawful alien who is deported and is, again, arrested a 2nd time for illegally entering America is charged with federal law. This is the main difference between unlawful immigration and shoplifting. Illegal immigration facts are much worse than shoplifting and include an extra punishment if it’s a repeat offense. Let me offer an image instance of this truth to carry the profound motive why an excessively impenetrable wall desires to be built alongside the entire southern border between us and Mexico.

When I was an itinerant agreement shoplift agent for the Safeway Stores, working for a time at the Safeway store in San Ysidro, California, the shop manager became mainly involved with a couple of unlawful alien Mexican sisters who were often coming across the border from Tijuana into San Ysidro and stealing outstanding portions of luxurious ingredients from his shop. So ways, they’d stolen $5,000 well worth of products. He desired my associate and me to recognize and arrest those sisters and make certain that they had been punished for their crimes and completely deported. It became July 17, 1984, the day before the Big Mac assault mass-murder on the McDonald’s in San Ysidro by James Huberty, the unemployed protection shield, when we saw the sisters enter the store and at once begin filling their purses with pricey meals. I arrested one of the sisters and my companion the other.

We handcuffed them, did our required office work, and straight away referred them to the San Diego Police Department, who, in flip, contacted the U.S. Border Patrol. The sisters were eventually arrested by the San Diego Police, after which they became over to 2 Border Patrol dealers, who didn’t do any office work for the sisters but took them directly to the border and released them. Catch and launch became how it labored in 1984 and works in the 2d decade of the twenty-first Century. Illegal aliens aren’t punished for their authentic misdemeanor crimes. It is, rather, continually a revolving door of repeat unlawful immigration.

The Safeway save supervisor contacted us every week later to allow us to recognize that the sisters had again looted his keep and that he was considering hiring someone to interrupt the sisters’ legs, or worse, seeing that law enforcement wasn’t willing to do something to forestall them. Hence, an impenetrable border wall between Mexico and the United States, guarded 24/7, is significantly needed. But what are approximately 12-14 million unlawful Hispanic aliens inside the USA? How must they be dealt with with the aid of American residents who admire the regulation guidelines?

Of these hundreds of thousands of unlawful Hispanic extraterrestrial beings residing in all parts of the republic, some have been within the United States for a brief period and can’t speak English. These extraterrestrial beings are the Hispanics who trespassed throughout the southern border on Monday. Through Thursday, they were relocated to a Hispanic community in Virginia or some other nation via an illegal network set up for illicit aliens. Some have been within the United States for many years, have learned to talk and write the English language, and feature had numerous anchor toddlers or children who’re “now not” American residents even though they were born in U.S. Soil.

Later in this newsletter, I will cope with those many illegal extraterrestrial beings in step with the 14th Amendment. Dishonest extraterrestrial beings who’ve managed to stay inside the United States of America at the lam, unseen and neglected, are equivalent to U.S. Citizen criminals who have committed crimes and feature efficiently evaded law enforcement by way of converting their names, staying underneath the radar, and blending quietly into a network in a selected process setting, until the day while they’re identified and brought to justice. These crook aliens have committed crimes by sneaking into us in one or more instances. If they have already been deported once and sneak once more throughout the border, they may be illegal alien felons. Therefore, based totally upon the modern demographics of unlawful immigration, in a collection of fifteen-person Hispanics amassed on an avenue nook everywhere within the USA, the probability that five or greater of them are illegal extraterrestrial beings is 95 percent.

This alarming statistic broaches the many billions of tax bucks gathered from hard-working U.S. Residents, which State and federal governments have spent to feed, clothe, teach, and provide healthcare for these millions of unlawful extraterrestrial beings and their anchor toddlers. Now, what approximately the millions of anchor infants presently within the USA? If, for instance, Rosa and Juan Mendez, Mexican citizens, sneak across the southern Mexican-U.S. Border when Rosa is nine months pregnant, and, in the meantime that Rosa and Juan step onto U.S. Soil, the female goes into hard work to have triplets, which must be brought by way of caesarian-phase, who picks up the price tab for the health care? Let’s say the Border Patrol unearths Rosa ten feet within the border on U.S. Soil in hard work. What must federal immigration enforcement do? This is wherein the problem of what they must do conflicts with what they genuinely do.

The Border Patrol “have to” call the Mexican police to have Rosa taken to a Mexican hospital and have to no longer spend one dollar of federal tax cash on her. Yet, those border cops think that money grows on bushes after they humanely radio for a life-flight helicopter to fly illegal alien Rosa Mendez and her husband to the nearest U.S. Clinic to have an American obstetrician perform the caesarian phase at taxpayer rate. And you recognize what? Rosa and Juan Mendez, and the numerous illegal extraterrestrial beings like them, are not required to repay a penny of the money spent on them. Now, the kids born to them aren’t under the jurisdiction of America at the time of birth. Why? The mother and father are Mexican nationals who have illegally entered the United States. Hence, they’re under Mexico’s jurisdiction simultaneously as illegally within the United States.

As such, the youngsters who go out of Rosa Mendez’s frame onto U.S. Soil are now not under U.S. jurisdiction. Why does this make a world of difference within the delivery repute of these children? The first sentence of the 14th Amendment called the citizenship clause, states the subsequent. “All individuals born or naturalized in the United States, and problem to the jurisdiction thereof, are residents of the USA and of the state wherein they reside.” While Rosa Mendez’s children were born on U.S. soil, they had not under the United States’ jurisdiction.

Who, then, could be foreign nationals born in the USA and concerned with the USA’s jurisdiction? If Rosa and Juan Mendez had acquired visas and had been on U.S. Soil legally, they could be under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Government, and, consequently, their children could have been born below U.S. Jurisdiction. Suppose the couple had endeavored to immigrate legally into us and have been honestly in the States of California, Arizona, Texas, or New Mexico when Rosa has been required to go to a health center to have her infants. In that case, the children might have been born to U.S. Residents. That became the cause of the citizenship clause, to clarify that illegal aliens had not been under the United States’ jurisdiction and that youngsters born to them inside the USA were not U.S. Residents.

The absence of a rule of thumb of federal regulation firmly stipulating the citizenship popularity of anchor babies and the immigration status of any overseas Hispanic countrywide that crosses the southern U.S. Border illegally makes all Hispanics inside the republic suspect of illegal rage who can inform the difference between an unlawful Hispanic alien who has been on U.S. Soil for a month, but can communicate and write English passably, and any other Hispanic, an educated U.S. Citizen who was born legally inside the USA to Hispanic U.S. Citizen mother and father? Millions of illegal extraterrestrial beings within the republic make vital the utility of the law put in force the U.S. Immigration Code and to deport all Hispanics illegally within the United States.

The “rule of law” is critical in figuring out legal U.S. Citizenship, similar to the codified regulation-making shoplifting a criminal offense. If a police officer apprehends a shoplifter and, in a while, pats him on the shoulder, pronouncing, “It’s k! You failed to scouse borrow that an awful lot. You don’t need to be arrested,” or if a judge exonerates a shoplifter and policies that the person surely didn’t commit against the law using stealing a box of sweet bars from a shop, and lets in the shoplifter to go free, he has set a dangerous subjective precedent that flies in the face of the Honorable John Adams well-known announcement, “We are a state of legal guidelines, and now not of men.”

In summary, people who smash the United States legal guidelines have to be now not treated properly. Suppose the federal authorities treat illegal alien criminals well and refuse to implement the immigration legal guidelines and all different codified legal guidelines as they had been intended to be enforced. In that case, it’s for a machine that is just the preceding statement’s alternative by John Adams. By its refusal to correctly put in force existing immigration laws, the U.S. Authorities are telling the American electorate and the world that “we’re a country of men, and no longer of laws,” that human whims and subjectivities are more vital than felony regulations and their fidelity.

Allowing unlawful Hispanics the identical courtesies as U.S. Residents contradicts the “rule of regulation” principle. If you permit illegal extraterrestrial beings those courtesies, why no longer allow shoplifters equal courtesies? Suppose you examine that a person with whom you had lunch and shared some non-public secrets and techniques had stolen loads of greenbacks of merchandise over time from 7-Eleven shops via shoplifting. How would you sense approximately that individual? Over time, illegals and their kids receive a top-notch deal of money from American taxpayers, and they do it with apparent impunity. Just because illegal Hispanics are maintaining down jobs and creating wealth does not mean they have a felony right to have those jobs and make that cash.

The only manner that unlawful immigration is going to end is by using the American voter’s awakening to the fact that illegal immigration is illegal and incorrect and that the construction of a southern border wall, as President Trump has pledged to do, will pass a protracted way to let these unlawful extraterrestrial beings understand that they may be no longer welcome inside the republic. They need to return to their native countries. If you allow one shoplifter to break out with stealing, a horrible precedent has been set through men, and the regulation guideline has been defined. The identical simple precept applies to all crimes, particularly illegal immigration.

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