4 Most Common Reasons People Quit Their Jobs

Many people find that they can’t seem to hold a job down. Try as they might to start a new commitment to a business and get enthusiastic about showing up every day. Ultimately, they start to dread going and eventually throw in the towel altogether.

It can be frustrating for the people that hired them, frustrating for themselves, and hard for their friends and family to understand why they seem to quit their jobs all the time.

4 Most Common Reasons People Quit Their Jobs 1

Here are some of the most common reasons people seem to quit when it comes to why.

Not Their Passion

Showing up to work somewhere every day means having to devote yourself to something which will consume all your attention. If your heart isn’t into it, you’ll eventually start to lose interest and burn out. If you have a passion for developing software yet are working organizing paperwork all day, this is a pretty clear indication that you’re going to get bored eventually.

People who do what they love every day never feel like they’re working. They are so passionate and enthusiastic about what they’re doing that their days seem to fly by. Whereas your day will drag, and you’ll stare at the clock if you have little to no interest in your tasks.

Pay Is Too Low

When someone feels like the energy they’re putting in isn’t equal to what they’re getting out of it, things can start to feel pretty frustrating. There are few things more valuable than your time, so if you’re going to take on a job, make sure that you’re selling your time for a fair price.

Not only are you wasting your employer’s time by taking on the job only to quit soon after, but you’re also doing yourself a disservice. Make sure that you assess how fair you feel the pay is before you start rather than after.

Don’t Get Along With Their Team Members.

How you relate to your coworkers is an important part of how well you’ll do your job. If you clash with the rest of the team and feel like you don’t work well together, this creates a hostile working environment.

It can be particularly challenging for new employees to develop when the team is already established and friendships are already formed. Breaking in socially can be difficult and can lead to new hires feeling estranged.

The Commute Is Too Far

Having to commute long distances every day can start to get exhausting quickly. Rather than spending hours a day getting to and from work, they eventually get so fed up that they give up entirely.

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