6 Ways to Get More Serious About Making Music for a Living

Although musicians come in all shapes and sizes, those that make them reach professional status have one personality trait in common.

That is dedication.

Translation? If you’re interested in actually making money from your art, you’re going to have to buckle down and get serious.

However, what does getting serious actually mean for musicians in the first place? Beyond your passion for the craft, consider the following six strategies to signal that you mean business and are truly willing to invest yourself into your art for the long haul.

Invest in Your Home Studio

Quality recordings signal that you mean business and take pride in your work. Considering that amateurish demos won’t get you very far, you need to step up your studio sooner rather than later. Whether by purchasing dynamic or condenser mics or trying some new VST plugins from Cymatics. Fm to give your tracks some extra depth, smart investments into your home studio can transform your sound without requiring you to blow out your budget.


Take Some Vocal Lessons

Many talented musicians neglect classic training either out of pride or believe that a DIY approach to their craft is somehow superior. That said, a brief series of positive biological effects of listening to new music, you should always be on the hunt for fresh inspiration. Knowledge of trends in your genre can also influence your own songwriting as you have a better pulse on what your audience wants to hear. Between the likes of YouTube and Spotify, you should always have a new influx of songs to look forward to.

Go to Shows regularly

If you aren’t regularly taking part and contributing to your local music scene, how can you expect others to do the same for you? Going to shows consistently exposes you to new sounds and helps you get in front of fellow musicians that can help you network. The more you put yourself out there, the better.

Be Willing to Make Sacrifices

Consider that artists must make sacrifices, plain and simple. Whether this means losing your free time elsewhere, getting a side-job to support your musical aspirations, or spending less time with friends and family, understand that there might be times where your pursuit of happiness may indeed be a struggle. The ability to power through the tough times, however, will ultimately define your ability to succeed.

Nobody said being a professional musician would be easy, did they? With enough dedication and persistence, breaking through and making money is possible, though. Following these tips could very well be the catalyst that takes you from being a bedroom musician to taking on the big stage.

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