Sticking to a healthy nutrition plan is crucial for baseball players. Although junk foods are convenient and taste good, they don’t really give our body the much-needed nutrients. The fact is that they can even prevent athletes from reaching their full potential while playing. It’s no surprise that many parents want their children to take pitching lessons from seasoned coaches nowadays. Their schedule is always flexible and they will ensure that each player’s skills are honed. They also offer nutritional advice to players from time to time.

Eat well balanced meals

Baseball players need to maintain healthy eating habits before, during and after each game. When planning your meals, opt for carbohydrates like oatmeal, brown rice, cereals or pasta. Apart from that, include foods that contain protein such as chicken breast, eggs and fish. Other sources like beans and shellfish should be considered too. Protein helps to speed up the muscle recovery process and facilitates growth in young athletes. Skimmed milk is great for athletes and gives the body potassium and calcium.



Your body also need unsaturated fats and it can be found in olive oil, nuts and avocado. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed regularly as they help to get rid of free radicals that are released during training. In addition, they are good sources of minerals and vitamins if you eat them raw. Foods that are over processed, high in fat or contain too much sugar should be avoided as much as possible.

Your body needs enough water

It’s a universal truth that everyone needs water in order to remain hydrated. Baseball players need it more than anyone else due to the nature of their game. Without mincing words, water is the best drink for the body. Hydration helps athletes to concentrate. On the other hand, dehydration often causes headaches, muscle and cramps and fatigue.

It’s advisable to drink at least 2 cups of water 2-3hrs before the beginning of each game. Drink sports beverage in moderation because they often contain sugar. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks at all costs. They are not beneficial to the body and the former can lead to dehydration.

Game day

Ensure that you eat 3hrs before the game commences. Foods that give the body energy, especially the right type of carbohydrates should be part of your meal. Avoid taking too much of foods that are high in protein and fats because they don’t usually digest quickly. When it comes to the aspect of nutrition, players should try as much as possible to follow the same guideline when preparing for training and practices. Eat everything in moderation because overeating will only make you sluggish.

At times, hunger can set in before the game finally starts or during the game. Instead of eating hot dogs or pizza, eat healthy snacks like fresh fruits, yoghurt, a granola bar, salad or pretzels. The type of foods that baseball players eat usually influence their performance on the field. It’s quite possible for athletes to eat the right type of food regardless of their schedule with determination and proper planning.