Factors you should consider before hiring temporary fencing

A cheaper mode of barricading a specific area is temporary fences. These temporary fences are available in various types fitting every cost, and each suits a different purpose.

Temporary fencing is usually of three basic types: chain link fence, poultry, electric fence, and mesh fabric fence.

Why Should We Use a ‘We Buy Houses’ Type Company?

The chain link fencing hire variety can be described as a roll of link supported on a strong and firm base. These are extremely effective at keeping away small animals and people with vertical wires and zigzag patterns hooking each other, forming a diamond design. You only need to unroll the package, and hence the rolled form makes it easy to assemble and quick to install.

Though lighter and compact, mesh fences are largely similar to the chain-link ones. They are, however, better at adapting to various ground terrains and different environments. Also, these are available in multiple colors, making them an ideal option for themed events. Also, they lack sharp edges and compact design, making them the safer option to use if the area witnesses larger crowds.


In hilly terrains or places with many corners like farms, poultry fencing can be ideal. While it does require some skills for installation and several tools, it is easy to roll out and can be installed on such grounds without many complications.

If you’re on the lookout for tighter security from larger animals and groups of people, you may opt for the slightly more expensive electrical fencing. It is more efficient at ensuring security as soon as you connect it to a rechargeable battery or an AC power source.

Security can be a major concern when organizing an outdoor event. Often uninvited guests may cause chaos or discomfort at the event, thus by hiring temporary fencing, you can keep the casual idlers out. It will also be easier to manage your guests, as they will be confined within the fenced area.

Temporary fencing, most importantly the poultry and chain-link types, are often used in farms to keep away small animals from the crops or to keep them restricted to an area, especially in the case of rabbits and poultry.

Open swimming pools, building sites, and condemned buildings, alongside any other risky area, use temporary fencing hire services to demarcate and barricade the area to keep any curious passerby away.

However, some temporary fencing types can be easily breached or damaged and are hence inept for security purposes, such as the wire mesh. To ensure that you hire the right temporary fencing company, some research is required while it is also essential that your forward your purpose and requirement to the company. It will help ensure that you are provided the right fencing material for the purpose.

Another factor to consider is the cost. While poultry fencing is cheap and easy to install, polypropylene and chain link fencing is costlier. Hence, you can choose the type of fencing depending on the budget you have at hand.

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