How important is physical training for self-defence?

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Proper physical training is very important, especially for men. If you are going to engage in one of the martial arts, you should understand how important it is to have good physical training. We are going to tell you what nuances you need to pay attention to, what abilities you will need to develop or improve in order to be able to defend yourself. Krav Maga instructor Mikhail Peleg offers his own methods of training, which have already been tested during the practice of combat units. However, each of the instructors emphasises that the level of martial art skills largely depends on the will strength, character, and physical state.

Special aspects of physical training

An important role is given to coordination. You need to work very hard on yourself to develop this ability. For that, you need to learn how to analyse your movements, work on your speed abilities, flexibility and dynamic power, emphasises the Krav Maga instructor, Mikhail Peleg. Good coordination means that all your muscles interact seamlessly.

Why is flexibility so important? It would seem that for a man this is not the most basic parameter in physical training. But this parameter shows how flexible your joints are, how fast and freely you can move. Do not forget to work on your stretching. At the same time, remember that static movements are also crucial for the development of flexibility. There is also a specific sequence in exercises for its development. First, you should work on the joints of the hands, then the trunk, and only then – the legs.

All successful athletes have high endurance. It depends on your training, willpower and character. How can you develop endurance? You need to work more on exercises that ensure the performance of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Nurture endurance, and then the result of training will be positive.

Krav Maga

This is one of the martial arts types that is full-contact. Therefore, it is more important than ever to have high endurance and proper physical training. With constantly working on improving your coordination, developing flexibility, speed abilities, you can achieve an excellent result. And thanks to the specially developed method of Mikhail Peleg, you will be able to achieve even better success. The instructor can work with you individually or train in groups. You can choose the option that suits you the most.

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