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Top 10 drool-worthy street food corners in Chennai to tease your taste buds!

Indian street food is known globally for its diversity and taste. Some of the best street foods are in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, etc. One can easily associate a chain of mouth-watering street food items such as Aloo Tikki, Dahi puri, pav bhaji, jhal muri, etc., with the north Indian states. Still, in South India, people only identify them in dosa and idli. However, it’s high time it’s clear your misconception as the South Indian states, especially Chennai, have various street foods that will leave you wanting more. You can easily spot a pushcart, a food joint, or a food truck in every nook of a metro city like Chennai selling street foods like parottas, Sunday, the man, muttai curry, kozhi roast, bhel puri, kulfi, jigarthanda, idiyappam, etc. that you must try when you visit Chennai the next visit time.

The vibrant culture of South India is reflected through its variety in the food platter. Everyone knows about Chennai’s rich heritage and culture, but very few people are familiar with the best street food destination in Chennai. Go through the details to find Chennai’s best drool-worthy street food corners.

Top ten drool-worthy street food corners in Chennai

George Town in Sowcarpet

George Town in Sowcarpet is among the oldest street food areas where you can find delicious food. Here you will find a wide variety of North Indian street food, including sandwiches, sweets, kachori, snacks, lassi, etc. The flavors and ingredients you see in the street foods of Chennai are different from the street food you see in the North Indian cities. Thus, this food joint is a must-visit if you are looking for hygienic street food in Chennai at affordable rates. Besides, you can refer to LBB Chennai for more insight into street food.

Mount Road

If you are craving some piping hot samosas, you should visit this street in Chennai. Apart from serving you North Indian Street foods with a Soth Indian twist, some stalls in Mount Road sell the best lassi in Chennai. The prices are very reasonable, and the food will leave you craving more.

East Mada Road

The East Mada Road is famous for lip-smacking bhajis served hot with spicy red sauce. Once you taste the bhajis, your mood will be delighted instantly. You can get bhajis in almost every part of India, but the bhajis you get in Chennai have a different flavor due to the South Indian spices. Bhajis is a portion of various street foods, so you must try this while visiting Chennai.

Vepery Road

Vepery roaRoad is the ultimate foodie’s paradise in Chennai, where you can get chaats, paani puri, and a wide variety of foods at minimal prices. This place is a good option to explore different types of South Indian street food.

T Nagar

Top 10 drool-worthy street food corners in Chennai to tease your taste buds! 1

Dosa is one of the most famous dishes one can find in South India. Therefore, you can try out their variations of Dosas in T Nagar. Apart from that, you can also spot Gujarati and Rajasthani food stalls. There is a separate area in T Nagar known as Pondy bazBazaarhere where you can get the best dosas at an affordable rate.


Thiruvanmiyur is a beach location where you can visit if you miss North Indian street food. You can treat your taste buds to kachoris, dhoklas, vada pav, panipuri, mocktails, spring rolls, and Sunday.

Anna Nagar

Anna Nagar is famous for local street food. You can get an extensive range of South Indian street food, including Thattu Idli Podi, Muruku Sandwich, and Jigarthandatc. Moreover, you can treat yourself to a wide variety of flavors present in the street food here. If you want to try authentic street food in Chennai, add this to your checklist when visiting Chennai.

Burma Bazaar

Top 10 drool-worthy street food corners in Chennai to tease your taste buds! 2

Burma Bazaar is famous for its various Burmese cuisines like Bejo, Mohinga, egg noodles, and Atho. Athos is among the most famous street foods in South India, which you can get in almost every Burma Bazaar food stall. Hence, visit this place to try the best Burmese street food in Chennai.

Besant Nagar

Top 10 drool-worthy street food corners in Chennai to tease your taste buds! 3

Besant Nagar is the best place to try out different street food varieties. This place is famous for Subdal, another delicious street food of South India. Sunday is made from boiled chickpeas mixed with onions and coconut granules. Moreover, you can get other street food options at a very reasonable rate.

Marina Beach

Top 10 drool-worthy street food corners in Chennai to tease your taste buds! 4

Marina Beach is one of the best tourist attractions in Chennai. From seafood to authentic South Indian street food, you can find different cuisines here. Tourists mostly come here to enjoy snacks at a reasonable rate and take a walk on the beach or watch the sunset. Hence, it would help if you visited Marina Beach to enjoy your food with a scenic backdrop.

Every year, many people visit Chennai to taste the city’s delightful street food options. If you plan to visit Chennai, add the spots mentioned above to your wishlist and get your tickets booked to Chennai.

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