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Maximise Your Property’s Value With These Tips

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When you have a property that you wish to sell, your goal is to sell it at the highest possible price. You don’t want to simply let go of a property without making the most of it. To start the process, hire a surveyor. This person will help you in assessing your property and give you a valuation report. This document contains the estimated price of the property. It can be used so that potential buyers will know that the property has been fully assessed before putting it on the market.

  1. Be there during the valuation. Surveyors don’t want to come to a place that has no one in it. They might have questions and no one can answer. Your responses could have potential effects on the property’s value. You should be there while the property is being assessed. If there are more details the surveyor can get from you, there is a chance that the results become more accurate.
  2. Keep your property clean. It might seem like a shallow move but it can help. If your bathroom is a mess or the bed is not made, it can affect the perception of the surveyor. After all, they are human beings and they make assessments based on their senses. Just try to keep everything clean during your scheduled appointment.
  3. Finish repairs and renovations. Simple changes in your house might actually increase its value drastically. It helps if you get things done before asking the surveyor to come over and check the property. Just make sure you don’t focus much on renovations that have a low return on investment. Check the percentage return that you will get if you finish certain renovations before selling, and make the most profitable ones a priority.
  4. Keep all receipts. If you have done repairs and renovations, keep all the receipts. Let the surveyor know exactly how much you have spent on improving the property. This could have a huge effect on the asking price of the property. Even the smallest details should be contained in the valuation report, and keeping receipts helps a lot.
  5. Don’t tell the surveyor what to do. You hire the surveyor to provide an accurate and honest assessment of the property. Don’t tell him what to do or bribe him to increase the value of the property. They are professionals who know the business and have been around for a long time. You can’t tell them to do whatever you want. They will feel bad about it and most probably do the exact opposite of what you are asking.
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