Interesting Ways You Can Keep Your Swimming Pool Healthy and Clean

Keeping your swimming pool clean and crystal clear is not as tough as you might have thought. The pool you have may be different from others and so your pool’s cleanliness needs. Your pool can have a direct effect on your health. No matter you hire care providing company or not, you should always put some efforts on your own to ensure the cleanliness.

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If your pool is frequently used place at your home or office, it should be inviting and ready to use. Some people, who are conscious about hygiene, often make some mistakes that cost them a good deal of money. You are required to know those common mistakes in order to minimize the need to visit pool stores in an emergency.

If you are spending too much on pool maintenance, you need to adopt preventative maintenance in order to reduce cost. Just like automobiles, this type of maintenance can help you save your time as well as money. Here we are going to give you some tips to keep your pool clean and healthy.

Check the Chemistry of Pool

Checking the chemistry of the pool after regular intervals makes you keep the pH of the pool at the desired level. The pH is required to be maintained at 7.2 to 7.8 on the pH scale. The chlorine needs of the pool decrease with the decrease in pH value.

The working of chlorine in pool water declines as the pH increases. In order to keep the chlorine working, many people keep adding chlorine. However, this is not a fruitful approach. Try to use the chlorine as less as possible.

You should know the optimal value of chlorine in the swimming pool. Moreover, keep a check on the pool’s chemistry per week in summer season as pool usage increases in summers. Also keep checking pool twice a month in winters though, the use of the pool becomes much less frequent.

Keep the Skimmer Basket Clean

Every swimming pool has a skimming basket installed near it. The purpose of the skimmer is to skim out all the debris and other contaminants from the surface of the pool before they reach to the bottom. The debris will be difficult to remove once it floats down to the bottom of the pool.

If you want to ensure the cleanliness in the pool, try to keep the skimmer active and working. The better your skimmer work, the more contaminants it can remove.

When the skimmer removes the contaminants, it takes them to the basket attached to it. You should empty the basket on a regular basis. Make sure that it is always clean and has a lot to dump in it.

Keep the Level of Water Balanced

Many people think that the water in the swimming pool should be at the highest level. However, it is not a recommended approach. Since you are using a skimmer to clean out the water, you should keep the level of the water in the pool such that it stays right at the center level so that the skimmer can give you desired results.

Keeping the level of water too low will make the pump dry while keeping it higher can deteriorate the performance of skimmer that will consequently leave the debris in the pool that it was intended to take out.

Clean the Filter Of the Pool Regularly

There is a filter installed in every swimming pool that keeps the water crystal clear. The filter you use should have a maximum flow rate and should be able to filter the water without wasting little or no amount of water at all.

Cleaning the filter is not what you need to do on a regular basis. You might be required to clean it a couple of times a year. Commonly, people clean the filter after a heavy storm when the dust struck into it. Moreover, how frequently the filter needs to be cleaned also depends on the condition of the pool water.

It is recommended to clean the filters once or twice every six months. Cleaning the filter is an easy job. All you have to do is remove them and soak them in water. Add 10% of muriatic acid in water. Be careful while adding muriatic acid.

Remember to add acid to water and not water to acid. Wear gloves while cleaning the filters. Keep the filters soaked in for 10 minutes and then rinse them well with fresh water.

When to Use the Filter?

Certain indications will let you know how and when to use the filter in your pool. This requires you to keep a check on the pool to know if there is any debris in the pool water. You should also see the clarity level of the water, i.e., the water should be crystal clear.

The abnormal or unpleasant odor in the pool should also be checked to know whether or not it is the right time to use the filter.

Check the Pool for Calcium Hardness

The amount of calcium dissolved in the water of swimming pool defines calcium hardness. The amount of calcium in the pool water should be balanced as the very low amount can cause damage to the plastic finish of the pool, and the very high amount can deposit calcium at the bottom of the pool.

The optimal range of calcium in every pool may be different. If you have a concrete pool, the range of dissolved calcium should be maintained at 200 to 250 ppm while in the pool with a plastic finish, the amount should be 175 to 225 ppm.

The problem of high or low calcium hardness should be resolved as early as possible in order to avoid the equipment acting up due to high deposits of calcium.

Whether or not your pool has high calcium hardness, consult your professional pool expert who will test the hardness and will also suggest some ways to get rid of it.

Use Chlorine Generator

Use of chlorine generator saves you from having to add chlorine to pool repeatedly. It also saves you from buying the chlorine separately and then handling it to maintain its quantity in the swimming pool. In other words, using a chlorine generator is very convenient.

However, it comes with some risks. The generator is also required to be kept clean in order to ensure that it does not affect the chemistry of the pool.

The chlorine generator is much costly but comes with many benefits. The pool owner will experience very much ease as he saves himself from adding the salt to pool manually. The salt in the pool becomes a big problem when its quantity increases in the pool.

It is recommended not to add too much salt in the pool. The chlorine generator is the best device to be used if you know how to use it properly.

Brush the Walls of The Pool Regularly

If you want to keep the number of chemicals in the pool low, you are required to vacuum the pool on a regular basis. The vacuum can be of different types. If you are using a manual vacuum, you can run it over the surface of the water just as you run the vacuum on the carpet surface. After vacuuming the surface for 5 minutes, clear the filter from debris accumulated in it.

It should be kept in mind that vacuuming the pool is not the only solution to clean it. You should also brush the walls of the pool thoroughly to minimize the algae or calcium deposits on walls. There can be different cleaning tools that can be used to wash the walls.

The type of material you need completely depends on the material of walls. For example, if the walls of the pool are made up of fiberglass, you should use a soft brush to clean them. Some people also use muriatic acid to get rid of deposition of calcium on the walls of the swimming pool

Heat the Water in The Pool

Another best way to keep the pool clean is to use the pool heater that heats the water and kills many bacteria. Sometimes, the heater stops working because of the debris accumulation in the heater tubes.

It is, therefore, recommended to consult the professionals whenever you feel that heaters are not adequately heating the pool water. The chemistry of the pool is greatly affected by the pool temperature. To adopt cleanliness, the temperature should be monitored properly

If you are health conscious and want to avoid using the public swimming pool, you can consult Jacksonville Pool Contractor that will provide you the best and most suitable pool construction at your workplace or home.

The tips given above can help you keep your pool clean and clear like a crystal. These tips can also be implemented on the pool in your spa so that you will be able to save everyone from getting health issues due to contaminated pool water.

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