Avoid Nasty Settlement Surprises

The property market can be a real beast at the best of times. Its volatility often outweighs its predictability, and you don’t want to get stuck in the middle when this does pass. Hopefully, with the right people to help you go along the way, you will find the right balance as and when you need it. Once you have bought a property, and the time comes along for you to sign all sorts of complicated papers, you will be properly placed if you have sought the advice of some professionals related and relevant to the market you are keen to operate in.

How to prevent nasty property surprises?

Before you get the keys to your home

You are, indeed, going through a lot of red tape before you can get into the home you have purchased with your life’s savings or a big or small loan from the bank or some other lending entity. The paperwork ahead of you might seem overwhelming, but the settlement agents Perth and surrounds have in their areas will be able to help. Of course, this is entirely needed if there is some discrepancy between you and whoever you might be dealing with at the time.

Build that relationship

Ascertain all the facts and seek a good and sound relationship with your agent. The two of you and others will probably be dealing with each other for a long or a short time, but you will need to get on with each other either way. Oblige requests and make some of your own. Make sure communication is fluid and that each of you can be held accountable to each other. Make sure that it is pretty much an open book process, whereby the agent knows what you are on about, and you know where you stand with them.


Second opinion

As with many other things, it is wise to get the ideas and insights of others too. They will help you if they have dealt with an agent of this nature in the past. If you have done so in the future, you will then help someone who is going through then what you are going through now. It will be a pay it forward scenario of sorts, and it will hopefully stand you in good stead when the time is right.


Not only with the property settlement people but also with the rest – make sure you are quick and sound in your negotiations. A lot of this would have been built on if you had put in the relationship at the start so that you wouldn’t be coming out of the cold or left field with your negotiation requests. So put the building blocks in place from the outset, and you will be thankful for them in the long run. It will take time and effort but, yes, it will be entirely worthwhile as you get what you want and deserve.

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