doctors doing surgery inside emergency room

You need to look at the good qualities of an applicant trying to apply for a medical job in a hospital or clinic. At the same time, you need to check if that person has negative traits that are disqualifying. Sometimes, even the most qualified candidates have a negative side, and you might not focus on those qualities because you think they have the necessary skills.

Filling a medical position is challenging since you are hiring someone to deal with the lives of people. If you see any of these red flags during the interview, you need to write the candidate off.

No sign of interest

During the interview, you will know if someone seems interested in filling the role or they are only there because of the phone call. If you can feel that the person wants the job and is passionate about the medical industry, you can move that application forward. On the other hand, if there seems to be lack of interest, you can take that person off the list even if that person has the right skills and experience.

They don’t seem to know the job description

When you call someone to come for an interview, you expect that person to be there with knowledge regarding the job that they are applying for. You want the person also to research the information about your company. If the candidate seems lost when you start asking the questions, it shows that there was no research done at all. Furthermore, it shows the candidate’s lack of patience and hard work, both disqualifying traits.

They tell you that they have a different dream job

You can ask the candidates where they see themselves in the future or what they want to do to be happy in life. If they give a response not related to medicine, you need to take that person off the list. Even the most passionate people have a hard time doing a medical job, you can only imagine how much worse it is for other people who don’t have any passion for it at all. Physicians take time to study their job and review each case they face. Without desire, they won’t care about their patients at all.

They have had several jobs

You want to hire someone with commitment and who will stay with you over the next few years at the very least. If the interview reveals that the applicant has had several jobs in the past, and each post ended after a few months, it is a red flag. You don’t want to work with someone who has commitment issues.

physician recruiter. You need a firm that has years of experiences in searching for qualified candidates. They already know the people to call depending on the position you want to fill. If you feel positive about your partnership with the firm, you can move forward with them in the future with more recruitment cases.