4 Important Questions to Ask Before Getting New Doors for Your House

Everyone wants to add value to their house by using appealing furniture, doors, windows and interior decor. Replacing obsolete and worn-out doors can enhance the curb appeal of our house. Besides, adding to the curb appeal, home doors must be sturdy and durable to provide protection.

4 Important Questions to Ask Before Getting New Doors for Your House 1

Perhaps, several questions may arise before making your purchase on doors. From material to colour to design and hardware, there’s a lot to pick out. So it’s better to get your questions answered by a professional. We have listed some important questions below that you would like to know:

What type of doors should you select?

Homeowners should keep in mind to select the doors that are strong and goes with the style of their house. They must keep three things in mind- design, security and energy efficiency.


 If your house has a modernised look, your doors must incorporate the latest designs else you must go with traditional colonial styles. From subtle colours to bold colours, you can pick any!


Apart from designs, your doors must be made up of durable and robust material that will keep the thieves out providing complete security.

Energy Efficiency-

Make sure your doors are energy-efficient that will keep your home warm during winters and cool during summers by trapping the energy. This will also help in lowering your electricity bills.

What type of material should you choose?

When you hire an experienced door manufacturing company, they inform you of all the details regarding material, latest designs and what will be suitable for your home. They can show you all the available materials that may include-


People tend to choose wood because of its richness in texture, but wooden doors require a lot of maintenance since they can become a victim to molds and quickly fade because of sunlight.


Fiberglass doors are durable, energy-efficient and can be easily affordable. They can mimic the wooden door look and requires low maintenance.


Steel doors are the toughest and can be used as your main door. They can be painted in any colour and are cost-effective.

Which type of locks and hardware do you require?

Doors are usually installed to provide protection, so you must select the type of lock and hardware that will suit your door. You can find a wide range of locks, handles and doorbells depending upon the level of security you want.

What type of swinging door would you prefer -inward or outward?

Most of the main doors have inward swing as it offers more protection. However, climatic conditions play a major role in selecting the swing of the door. If you reside in an area prone to hurricanes and storms, go for the outward- swinging door as they are less likely to be blown by winds.

Whereas people who live in areas that receive heavy rainfall during winters must opt for inward-swinging doors because it will prevent their home from leaning if snow piles up.

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