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Things you Should do Before Selling Your Used Phone

In today’s world, it is hard to find anyone without a cell phone. We have become prisoners of this technology. The cell phone market has expanded expeditiously and has resulted in increasing the choices of phones by manifolds. This encourages customers to charge their phones at regular intervals. Before buying a new device, selling your used phone to a suitable customer is important. There are a few things that you must do before selling your used phone to ensure your safety and to get the best price. They have been consolidated for you here.

Things you Should do Before Selling Your Used Phone 1

Data backup in some external devices is both tedious and time-consuming. Nowadays, the Android OS and iPhone apps provide the facility to back up your old data to your new phone directly. Your photos, videos, messages, and call logs must be secured before deleting the contents of your used phone. Be sure to back up everything so that you lose nothing.

  • Remove your SD card and SIM.

Many Android users have SD memory cards on their phones. Be sure to remove it and take it out of your phone. SD cards store a large amount of data depending on their size. People often forget about them as they are a hidden accessory. Remove your SIM card from your phone before handing it to the buyer. You don’t want personal contacts, messages, or other info in ‘s hands someone else’s hands.

  • Encrypt your phone

Before performing a factory reset, encrypt your data to more deeply secure your data from being stolen. Encrypting your used phone will ensure that no one can recover your data.

  • Perform factory reset

Once your data is safe and secure, you can clean your used phone before selling it. In the Settings section for most phones, you’ll find the head Settings, an oyou’llfor you’ll, and Reset. Go to this option and then press factory data to reset. It is the no-turning-back point of the process; once done, it cannot be undone, so be careful when to do this.

  • Include the promised accessories.

It is important to provide all the accessories for a properly functioning phone. Those are all good to include if you still have the original box, receipt, and warranty. Chargers, USB cables, and headphones are bonus inclusions and must be done if promised to the buyer. This will help in increasing the value of your device.

  • Could you clean it?

This may look like a meager point, but it is equally important. The looks of your used phone can increase or decrease its price. Wiping the screen, cleaning the pores, and removing dirt and dust are great ways to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Choose your customer wisely.

To get your used phone’s worth, sell it to the right customer. Many online sites can provide the best deals for your sale.

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