Recover Data from External Hard Drive – Image, Audio, Video, Email, Document And More

Just accidentally deleted some important data stored in an external hard drive, or worse still, the computer not recognizing the external hard drive? When you are stuck in such a dilemma, you should frustrate to recover data from the external hard drive. Is there any way to get the files of the external hard drive back? Apeaksoft Data Recovery is the program to bring the deleted data from the brink. For people who have been in a situation where they are unable to recover lost data from an external hard drive, the article shares the best solution to solve the problem with ease.

What does it do?

Whether you deleted some important files accidentally or lost data due to a hard drive formatted or a system crash, data loss will no longer be your biggest nightmare. Apeaksoft Data Recovery offers professional solutions to handle various data loss issues. It can help you recover all types of data from the external hard drive.

Recoverable Devices: Recover data from storage devices with the file system NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, EXT, and more.

Recoverable data: Most of the frequently used formats, such as pictures, songs, videos, documents, emails, and other files.

External hard drive brand: Apple, Dell, Western Digital, HITACHI, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, SanDisk, Kingston, TOSHIBA, HP, Seagate, SONY, Samsung, Alienware, and more.


Apeaksoft Data Recovery has an advanced algorithm to deep scan files from an external hard drive faster. Because of RAW hard drive, RAW partition, data system damage, or partition loss, your files might be inaccessible, hidden, or corrupted. The program is a great helper to find and recover the lost files from an external hard drive.

How does it work?

Before recovering lost files from an external hard drive with professional data recovery, you can try some solutions to get the files back first. Just follow the solutions below to get back the lost files from the external hard drive.

  1. Try the external hard drive on another computer. If the PC not recognizing external hard drives, connect the external hard drive to a Mac to find whether it works.
  2. Replace another USB cable for the external hard drive. The connection between an external hard drive and a computer relies on the USB cable, easy to break.
  3. Turn off the anti-virus program to ensure there is no firewall to prevent the computer from recognizing the external hard drive recovery, you can get the desired files back within one click. The article shares the best method to retrieve the files from an external hard drive and get the data back now.

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