Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7 Review

In today’s world, computer data is probably one of the most valuable assets of any organization over the world. Anyone can easily lose data at any given point in time. Data loss statistics reveal that 46% of data is lost due to hardware and software malfunction. 29% of the data loss generally occurs due to human error, while 11% occurs due to a software error. Overall, it is indeed a huge backlog when the data is deleted or cannot be restored. Also, every organization needs to be aware of certified Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7 always helps you effectively to recover all your data that you have lost. With the software’s help, you can easily recover files, folders, photos, or even documents as you would require. In fact, this comprehensive software allows you to restore lost data from corrupt partitions, damaged, or even reformatted. The best part of all is that the software works with any Windows version and makes it much more effective. The latest version of the software has a brand new interface. It is capable of efficient data recovery as it gets straightforward and probably has been redesigned considering both the beginners and the advanced users. The version V7 also has a free version, allowing you to recover 1 GB of data easily.


Key Features of the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7

The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7 is very effective software that recovers and restores the lost data from corrupt or the damaged file partitions. This utility scan takes place on all the hard drives to easily recover the documents, emails, photos, videos, and many other file formats. Once the scanning is complete, you can now scan the results according to the file types. This enables you to recover the lost files quicker, and also the deep scan feature allows you to get all recoverable data easily. However, here are some of the most interesting Key Features which you can get.

Easy to Do:

One of the most certain features that people might love to get is easy to do. With the feature’s help, it becomes far easier for every user to recover the lost data. You can do the whole step.


You might be amazed to see this feature, but the Data Recovery Software allows you to recover the files in 2 simple steps. You need to select the file type and then the recovery location simply.


The steps are completely errored free and also very safe to use. So it allows you to recover the lost files and get your needs fulfilled quickly.

Recover Files:

One of the key things which you need to recover and files, folders, and documents. You can easily recover these with Stellar Phoenix. The software supports Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10.

Part of Recovery:

You can also create an image of the entire partition and drive for data recovery. Also, with the help of this image, you can recover the lost partitions.

Steps to Install the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7

1. Double-click StellarPhoenixWindowsDataRecovery.exe file and click Run to start the Setup

Wizard. Setup – Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery dialog box is displayed.

2. Click Next to proceed. License Agreement dialog box is displayed.

3. Select I accept the agreement option in the License Agreement dialog box. Click Next. Select

Destination Location dialog box is displayed.

4. Specify a destination in the text box or click Browse to select a destination. Click Next. Select

Start Menu folder dialog box is displayed.

5. Specify a destination in the text box or click Browse to select a destination. Click Next. Select

An additional Tasks dialog box is displayed.

6. Select the required checkboxes for creating a desktop icon and quick launch icon of the software.

Click Next.

7. In the Ready to Install dialog box, verify the settings. Click Back to make any changes, or click

Install to install the software.

8. After successful installation of the software, the “Completing the Stellar Phoenix Windows

Data Recovery Setup Wizard” screen opens. Click Finish.

Updated Features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7

Version 7 of the software has been equipped with many updates, which are stunningly helpful and impressive. Here are some of the updated features which will support you.

Brand New Interface:

The efficient data recovery has never been easier as such as the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7. The software is presented to be much more imperative and gives the option to select the type of files you wanted to recover.

Deep Scan:

The deep scan feature has a high technical advantage, which allows you to find the lost files with an active search. It can almost find out 200 data file types, which might also give you the right specification to go for. This will also give you a terrific option to find your desired data.

Deleted Recovery:

In any case, you wished to get the files; the deleted files will allow you to recover once a file has been lost instantly. You can open the software and then find the needs from the deleted list section. You can also recover lost files from flash drives and also from the different drives.

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