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Is a Free VPN Safe to Use?

There’s nothing in this world that is free to use. There’s always a catch behind free services or free giveaways. The question is whether that “hidden purpose” would harm you somehower or not.

Similarly, free can be a misleading term for virtual private network service providers. After all, no one can provide you with a premium-level service without charging the cost they would use to maintain that service.

Is a Free VPN Safe to Use? 1

There can be dozens of things going wrong behind that “free service.” For starters, they could log your data and sell it to the highest bidders. Or, they might allow malicious third parties to spy on your activities, thus, breaching your online privacy.

In fact, according to a study by The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), out of 283 surveyed Android VPN services, 38% of apps had malware.

Anyway, we’veWe’ve blogged to discuss the dangers of free services and which VPN is the best for reliability and performance.

Why Do Users Attract to Free VPNs?

VPNs come with the inherent ability to encrypt users’ data and, as a result, prevent the data from falling into the wrong hands.

Security, however, isn’t the only forte of a virtual private network. Internet users use this service as a last resort to bypass geo-restrictions and online censorship. The service is also popularly used for IP spoofing and unblocking purposes.

Using anonymous IP addresses provided by the VPN service, users can instantly unblock the content in their region while keeping their real IP completely hidden.

Since many VPN users use the service for unblocking purposes, they search for free VPN providers to get the job done without paying a penny.

Dangers of Free VPN Services

Remember that your data is more precious to some people than your money. Such people include marketing agencies, intelligent agencies, people on the dark web, etc.

Let’s learn what else you might be putting in danger while using a free VPN service.

Opt for a Reliable VPN Service like PureVPN

You might wonder, is PureVPN safe? It is safe and reliable because it has promised security and anonymity for over ten years. It boasts state-of-the-art VPN servers and infrastructure. Moreover, they have a well-known reputation in the industry.

Market Reputation

PureVPN enjoys 9.5 ratings on Trustpilot. The review website has thousands of positive reviews from users from across the globe. If you check out the feedback on TrustPilot, you will find that the VPN provider has received good reviews for its fastest speeds, unblocking, and security features.

CNET also boasts many positive reviews on PureVPN. The website was also listed in the top 5 VPN services in 2019.

Fastest Speeds

PureVPN speed reviews can tell you a lot about the virtual private network service’s streaming, downloading, and browsing speeds. It boasts dedicated servers that allow users to enjoy the best possible rates. Users can stream high-quality videos on their desired streaming platforms without any buffering. They can also download torrents and other p2p files at the fastest speeds.

Network Coverage

The problem with free VPN services is that they don’t offer much room for server switching. After all, they have only a handful of servers in a handful of countries.

In PureVPN’s case, you get to enjoy good network coverage. You will find VPN servers in over 180 locations across the world. Moreover, the VPN packs 2,000+ VPN servers, so you have plenty of room to switch between servers and find the most optimal server.


Apart from the regular features, PureVPN offers an awesome set of add-ons. The most popular add-on is the dedicated IP. Any VPN services rarely offer the add-on in the industry. The add-on is available for around $1.99.

Another helpful add-on offered by PureVPN is Port Forwarding. It is a convenient feature that allows users to block and unblock specific or all ports on a network with a single click.

Final Thought

Is PureVPN a good VPN? Indeed, it is!

You may read more about PureVPN reviews online and learn about its different features.

Author Bio: John B Vergara is a Technology enthusiast and cybersecurity analyst from Beaverton; he writes & contributes blogs in his spare time.

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